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7 Amazing Australian Caravan and Camping Hacks

11 Dec 2017

A few tips and tricks to keep things interesting (and fun) on your site. 


Keep bugs and flies out of your drink

GDAY Camping Hacks

Want to keep pesky bugs from swimming in your drinks? Just take a cupcake liner, turn it upside down and poke a small straw-sized hole in it, place it on top of your glass and insert straw. Easy, not to mention super cute!


Light up your drinks in the dark

GDAY Camping Hacks

Cold hands from rummaging in the freezing ice for your drink of choice? Just whack in a few glow sticks for easy drink grabbing without needing a torch. Sweet.


Disguise your valuables

GDAY Camping Hacks

Once you pop you certainly can’t stop so why not hold on to your empty Pringles can and use it to hide your valuables at the campsite, beach or river. 


Keep your phone safe from water and sand

GDAY Camping Hacks

There are always Ziplock bags laying around the campsite and they come in handy for those trips to the beach. 


You see keys floatin’

GDAY Camping Hacks

Avoid losing your keys at the beach, lake or river by attaching them to champagne corks. Another reason to celebrate happy hour with bubbles tonight!  


Zippidy Do Da!

GDAY Camping Hacks

Keep your zippers zipping by applying a little bit of candle wax. 


Milk bottle ice

GDAY Camping Hacks

Fill your empty milk bottles with filtered water and freeze overnight before placing in your esky. Not only will this mean no ice leakage on your journey, you will also be able to drink the water once melted. Two birds, one stone.


Ready to try these out to look pro? Book your next site holiday at Discovery Parks.


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