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12 Most Aussie Ways to Celebrate Australia Day

Posted by Discovery Parks on 5 Dec 2017

On Australia Day, there are certain things everyone does to celebrate our culture. We like our snags, we cool off at the pool, and we listen to tunes the whole day. Here are the most Australian ways to ring in this ripper of a holiday. 

1. Grab a cup of coffee

Australians are the undefeated masters of coffee. Ask for a cuppa anywhere else in the world, and expect a disappointing juice masquerading as "coffee". Begin the day with a drink that gets you energised and reminds you to take a moment of appreciation for our barista nation. 

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2. BBQ

The BBQ: a cliched tradition, but a tradition all the same. Get a plate stacked with real Australian grub. Majority of Aussies will be enjoying a snag to ring in the holiday. Keep it simple and top it off with some tomato sauce and caramelised onions. If you're going for the burger, then there are a few ingredients to slip in to prove you're patriotic: beetroot and pineapple. Delicious.

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3. Play beach volleyball

Play a set! Make it two against two, or three against two if they've got 9-foot-tall Uncle Merv on the opposing team. Nothing like stretching your legs and some healthy competition out in the sunshine. 

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4. Who's the Aussie-est?

Wearing anything with the Australian flag on it is a wide-spread tradition. Have a dress up competition between you and your friends (get the kids involved too). Don't hold back on the temporary tattoos, novelty sunglasses, t-shirts, boardies, thongs, and bikinis. If it has our flag or a kangaroo on it, then wear it with pride!

This just in: our fashion experts are saying that 2018 is the year of the bucket hat. 

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5. Cool down

Sweating on Australia Day - wear it loud, wear it proud. This can be an absolute oven of a day. With the heat and an opportunity to snap on your southern cross budgy smugglers, it's a given that you spend it by the beach or the pool. When you've had enough of grilling, belly flop into the pool (a sure-fire way to impress the group). Don't forget the sunscreen!

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6. Fry an egg on the pavement

If it's hot enough, crack an egg on a fry pan and take it outside. Celebrate Straya with a breakfast of champions. 

Warning: if it's hot enough to cook an egg, you probably should be wearing a thick coat of SPF 60 and a hat. 

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7. Make an Aussie ballads playlist

Do you come from a land down under? Great, then today's the day to be a true Aussie and listen to songs from our homeland. Add a bit of AC/DC here, some Daryl Braithwaite there, a splash of Midnight Oil, and the artists of "Down Under" - Men at Work. You've got yourself a shindig. 

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8. Watch the tennis

The Australian Open is heating up when Australia Day rolls around each year and spectators at the game get decked out in Aussie gear and cheer on their favorite players. And if you can't get to the Open, head to a court and play like Nadal!

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9. Aussie movie binge

If you can't handle the sunlight and are sensitive to garlic, staying indoors is a-okay. Whip out all of the classics and get straight into a movie extravaganza with all of the gems: The Castle, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and Muriel's Wedding. Make sweet & salty popcorn your snack of choice.

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10. Fireworks

Many city councils will hold a public fireworks display for all to enjoy. Watch the sky burst with life and colour, ending your Australia Day with an experience that leaves you with a little belief in magic and wonder. 

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11. Go on an iconic Aussie holiday

Visit the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road, surf in Byron Bay, cruise on a paddlesteamer down the Murray, camp in the outback, or meet a smiling quokka on Rottnest Island. There are a million and one ways to experience what it means to be an Australian. And once is not enough times to hold a koala! 

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12. Play cricket at Discovery Holiday Parks

It's the summer of cricket at Discovery Holiday Parks, with our partnership during Triple M's broadcast of The Ashes. The Triple M Rock Patrols are heading to several of our parks on Australia Day for some cricket, games, competitions and prize giveaways. Check out which parks they're heading to. Click here: Triple M Rock Patrol Locations

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With over 60 locations to choose from, celebrate Australia Day with your family and friends at a holiday park this January. 




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