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6 Simple Seafood Recipes (For Anglers And Eaters)

13 Nov 2017

Cap tipped on your head and enough zinc to cover the Snowies, it's the uniform for summer fishing. 

When we're kicking back at a holiday park, we love slapping our fresh catch on the BBQ or going to the local fish market to try the region's specialties. Deep fried and dipped in tartar works a charm, but it's worth casting your line and trying something new. 

From creamy dreamy garlic prawns to budget-friendly tuna patties, impress the gang with these tasty seafood recipes. 

5-Ingredient Mediterranean Salmon Foil Packets

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recipe & image: The Seasoned Mom

We love it when prep and clean-up are no big deal. Pesto can be put on just about everything, in our books: pasta, fish, chicken, toast, crackers. When we found this recipe that calls for a happy helping of it, we knew it was a winner.  It's easy to grab a jar of pesto at the shops, so no need to stress about spending the extra time to make it yourself - especially if you'd rather have that extra half hour by the pool! 



Creamy Garlic Prawns & Cheesy Potato Foil Packet

Creamy Prawn Cheesy Potatoes Foil Pack 1 680x952
recipe & image: Recipe Tin Eats

When the prawn juice flavours the creamy garlic potatoes in the foil, that's the stuff that happy campers dream about. If you're not a big fan of potato, zucchini or sweet potato are easy to cook in the packet. Make sure to serve hot off the BBQ, so it stays creamy - but once you open the foil, we're sure you won't need any convincing. 



Seafood Spaghetti Marinara

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recipe & image: Recipe Tin Eats

Looks fancy, tastes delicious, cooking's simple. That's all we want. If you want to get your swirls and strings on your plate faster, boil hot water in an electric kettle first. Select and create your marinara mix fresh from the local fish market, or buy a frozen prepared seafood mix from the store. Add a few veggies in the mix (bit of carrot here, slices of zucchini there), just to tick off those three veg. 



Tuna Patties

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recipe & image: Simply Recipes

Budget-friendly, canned tuna has long been the staple food we turn to. But we're here to tell you that it doesn't have to just be tuna salad or you sitting with a fork eating it straight out of the can - Simply Recipes shows you how to pretty it up. Serve it in a burger bun or with a side of salad (or both, if we're being honest - we get hungry). 



Buttered Cod In Skillet 

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recipe & image: Valentina's Corner

Plan on casting your line into the Murray? This recipe is for you folk. Fish doesn't have to be covered and coated with too much, it's perfectly cooked. Celebrate your catch of the day with a recipe that shows it off. Eat it with steamed rice and let the juice of the fish soak through - hungry, yet? 



Crispy Skin Barramundi with Tomato Salsa

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recipe & image: Weber

The kings of the BBQ have got a recipe for your summer barra. Weber's recipe is crispy without sacrificing the moist meat of the fish. The tomato salsa is tangy and has a little sweetness to it. Love summer fruit? Add chunks of fresh mango to the salsa. You'll never look back. 



If you're looking for more grub to cook up at the park, check out our favourite casserole recipes


Seafood in your future? Use one of these recipes during your stay with us. Discover your next regional holiday at Discovery Parks. 



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