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Eat, Hike, or Kayak Your Way Across Australia

10 Nov 2017

You're picky about what you want to do in your free time - that's a good thing. The hours in a day are dear, especially when you're on R&R. 

Before deciding where to go, answer these three important questions:

1. What helps you switch off?

2. Do you prefer beach, mountains, river, or city? 

3. When was the last time you went to a town you've never been to before?

Discover the holiday you've been waiting for, on your own terms. Whether you love freshly caught oysters, mountain biking, or swimming next to tropical fish, choose a holiday that's right for you. 



Drink beer and wine on the Limestone Coast

Coonawarra - Eat Hike BlogBrand's Laira Riddoch Highway Coonawarra; Credit: Adam Bruzzone, South Australian Tourism Commission 

Robe is an iconic beach town in South Australia. But did you know that this town has some fantastic drops? While many are quick to think of Barossa or McLaren Vale, little Coonawarra gets pushed to the side. Unfair! Quality wine aplenty, country hospitality at its best, and fewer crowds -  it's a treat. Ifwine isn't your thing, head straight for the Robe Town Brewery to grab a pint of quality craft beer. Pair it with seafood and you've got yourself that full-belly happiness. 

Stay at Discovery Parks - Robe


Capricorn Coast's got beef

Rockhampton East Hike BlogRockhampton; Credit: Vince Valitutti, Tourism and Events Queensland

If your tummy sings to the tune of a juicy piece of steak, follow the yellow brick road to Rockhampton. The Great Western Hotel has got the rodeo on twice a month, and a fantastic menu of the best cuts you can get in town. Why not taste all of the best of the region in one weekend? Held every year in spring, the Capricorn Food & Wine Festival is a chance to indulge in the finest produce and vino in Central Queensland.

Stay at Discovery Parks - Rockhampton


Pour a glass in the Perricoota

"Pop and Pour" Festival - Echuca Moama 2017 Survival Guide from Radiant Media Australia on Vimeo.

A young but promising wine region in the Big Rivers Zone, spend a few days popping corks in the Perricoota. The wineries of this area produce a wide range of varietals, but they specialise in Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Semillon. A few local producers to check out are St. Anne's Winery and Cape Horn Vineyard. Make a day of it. On 25 November, sample the food of local chefs and the region's most exceptional yields at the Pericoota Pop & Pour Festival

Stay at Discovery Parks - Moama West, Discovery Parks - Maidens Inn Moama, or Discovery Parks - Echuca


Call me Abalone Tony

 Hobart Eat Hike BLog

Mures Fish Centre Restaurant; Credit: Nigel Honey, Tourism Tasmania

Hobart is without a doubt one of the best places in Australia to shovel quality seafood into your mouth. The city itself looks like an English fishing village, its charm radiates through the old buildings and boats parked around the harbour. Oysters are a must-try, and you can never go wrong with a fish chowder. We recommend grabbing a bite at the
Mures Restaurant at Victoria Dock (the beer-battered fish is something out of a dream). 

Stay at Discovery Parks - Hobart




When the snow melts in Jindabyne...

Jindabyne Eat Hike BlogLake Jindabyne; Credit: Destination NSW

Go for a hike or take out your bike! The mountains are spectacular in warmer weather: green and blooming with wildflowers. Lake Jindabyne is an easy and flat circuit to cycle with family. But if you're wanting to go up, up, up, then there are a number of trails to kick up dirt: Bungarra Trail, Cascade to Pinch Trail, and Muzzlewood Trail to name a few. The best lookout that is the top of Mount Kosciuszko. Mother nature is huffing and puffing all times of year up there, so make sure to bring a jacket. 

Stay at Discovery Parks - Jindabyne


Meet a croc in Kakadu! 

Kakadu Eat Hike blogWindow on the Wetlands Visitor Centre; Credit: Shaana McNaught, Tourism NT

Don't write off Kakadu as touristy - there's a reason why this place is flocked to by visitors, loved by locals, and important to the traditional owners of the land. The national park is an authentic opportunity to reconnect with nature and learn about the Indigenous culture. If you go fishing, you might even see a crocodile (godspeed). The drive is just under two hours from Darwin, so we recommend taking a break at the Window on the Wetlands Centre along the way - especially if you love birds. 

Stay at Discovery Parks - Darwin 


Learn about the olden times on the Shipwreck Coast

Flagstaff Hill Eat Hike BlogFlagstaff Hill Maritime Village; Credit: Great Ocean Road Marketing

History - it's worth exploring, too. A look back in time, this historical village is a totally immersive experience: see blacksmiths at work, a seamstress mending a dress, and even women spinning wool. The village highlights what life was like for colonists during the early days on the Shipwreck Coast. Love spooky stuff? At night-time when the streets are lit, it has an eerie, Sleepy Hollow feel to it. 

Stay at Discovery Parks - Warrnambool 



Adelaide Eat Hike blog

Instead of going regional, why not see a new city? Adelaide isn't your typical city centre. It's relaxed, sunny most days of the year, and home to the biggest arts festival in the Southern Hemisphere. February and March in Adelaide is madness, but a madness that locals have come to love: music, comedy, theatre, dance, food trucks, crafts, and more all over the town. The renovated Adelaide Oval is worthy of a visit, too. 

Stay at Discovery Parks - Adelaide Beachfront 




Swimming pool, waterpark, Murray River, and Lake Bonney - holey moley!

Lkae Bonney Eat Hike blog

Your hair will get wet, we're (not) sorry. That's the spirit, it's the Riverland. For those who love the serenity, experience a sunset paddle on the Murray with Canoe Adventures (you'll look out over the horizon with a mug of hot chocolate and biccies). Or, you can easily stay at the park. We have direct access to Lake Bonney and will be opening a glowing waterpark in December. The fun goes on, even when the sun comes down. 

Stay at Discovery Parks - Lake Bonney


Let's go chasing waterfalls in Kununurra

Waterfalls Eat Hike blogMolly Springs, Kununurra; Tourism Western Australia

See the highest single drop waterfall in the Kimberley, go for a dip in The Grotto, and take a photo next to the iconic Black Rock Falls waterhole. We have a whole list of recommended gorges to get out to (even in wet season). Discover Kununurra's best falls here. The photos will get you ready for an off-road adventure (don't say we didn't warn you!). 

Stay at Discovery Parks - Lake Kununurra


Tubing and fishing on Lake Hume

Lake Hume Eat Hike blog

They look ridiculously happy, don't they? Laughing with their friends out on the lake. This is the kind of therapy we all need. We've been cooped up in our houses and offices for too long - and need some vitamin D. Pack up your most trusted fishing line. Stocked annually, there's plenty of rainbow trout, golden perch, and Murray cod to be caught. 

Stay at Discovery Parks - Lake Hume 


Around we go Fraser Island

Fraser Eat Hike blogFraser Island; Credit: Tourism and Events Queensland

Step foot on the world's largest sand island - but not before diving into its pristine waters. The freshwater lakes and creeks of the island are ideal for meeting marine life: snorkelling with dolphins, kayaking alongside sea turtles, and swimming with tropical fish. The most treasured part-time locals? The migrating humpback whales that you can watch from July through to November. Fraser Island is glossy-travel-magazine beautiful - the friend that always looks good in photos. 

Stay  Discovery Parks - Fraser Coast or Discovery Parks - Hervey Bay


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