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Tips For Travelling With Pets To A Caravan Park

27 Oct 2017

Want to bring the pooch on holiday? A pet is part of the family, and a family holiday doesn't feel the same without the whole crew. If it's your first time taking a dog on a road trip or at least to a caravan park, here are some tips and tricks to get them from point A to point Holiday. 


1. Get ready for car travel 

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Before the big trip, take them out on a long walk so they're a bit tired out and relaxed when they settle into the car. Make sure to feed them and sure they have had water at least 3 hours before heading out. And needless to say, make sure they use the puppy loo beforehand. But remember that their toilet schedule can be upredictable, so make regular toilet breaks along the way for the two of you to stretch your legs. 

2. Everyone buckle up

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Consider the safety of your animal with either a seatbelt restraint or a portable kennel. Whichever you end up using, make sure to practice with them getting in and out of the kennel or restraint. 

3. Pack the necessities

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Wondering what you'll need for the journey? Drinking vessel, bottles of water, poo bags, treats, extra lead, towel for wet paws or any clean-up, and a favourite toy. We recommend packing dry food, as this is better to keep when travelling over a long period of time.

4. Keep them on a lead

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This is a rule we ensure for the safety of your pup as well as for the safety of other dogs and guests in the park. Wandering dogs might get up to a bit of mischief snooping around campsites, causing damage to set-ups and scare other guests within the park (who may be cat people). 

5. Prepare for the heat in summer

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We know how Australia can be in summer: very hot. Expect the sun, bugs, and thirst. Gear yourself up with insect repellent, ice block treats (particularly chicken wing tips in water ice blocks - they'll love the reward), sunscreen for the nose, cooling pads for them to lie on (they are covered in a natural sweater, afterall), and a fresh bowl of water. These little things will keep your dog happy and comfortable.

6. Snug up for the cold in winter

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Dog coats are not only stylish, they keep them warm in the cold winter evenings and early mornings. If where you're heading is seeing rainy days, it may be worth buying a waterproof jacket. We can assure if you don't like the cold, wet, and windy days, then Spot isn't the biggest fan either. If a designer nighttime jacket isn't up your alley, then a hot water bottle or heated mat will do. 

7. Ensure they are all healthy

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Make sure that your dog is up to date with their vaccinations. They'll be around lots of other dogs in this new environment, so it's important to check to protect not only your little pup but others as well. 

8. Entertain them - they're on holiday, too!

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At some of our parks, like Discovery Parks - Forster, you can purchase a life jacket for your dog and take them out on the water. They can now pop on for boating, standup paddleboarding, and kayaking along the Wallamba River. Make sure to ask our friendly staff at any of our pet-friendly Discovery Holiday Parks and they will know the go-to spots for where to take your pooch off the lead in surrounding dog-friendly parks and beaches.


Thanks to Discovery Parks - Forster for providing their own tips & tricks. Interested in making a booking at one of our pet-friendly parks? Book your stay today.



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