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Splish, Splash and Dunk At One Of These Waterparks

17 Oct 2017

We can feel the breeze already: the fan pointing directly at our faces at full blast while the kids poke us to take them to the pool. We all have a complicated relationship with summer. But you can't beat that sunshine, happiness, and extra time to spend with your family. 

It can be a challenge to entertain them all of the time, but several of our holiday parks have an added feature that'll make it a breeze and give you a chance to put your feet up. 

We have nine waterparks across the country that families love to get back to. Kids run around, cool off, make friends, and play to their hearts content. 

Rediscover the best of summer with your kids at one of our parks - all with some much-needed splish-splash.


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True to the colours of the vines and grapes, our Barossa Valley waterpark is a stunner. It has a big tipping bucket, multiple slides, splashzones, and other features that keep the kids going round and round. The destination itself is a hit with families. The region boasts fantastic produce, markets, wineries, dining experiences, and mini golf. Generations have long loved this South Australian destination - the waterpark is an added bonus to staying in the valley. 

Stay at Discovery Parks - Barossa Valley




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Sit among the paperbark trees on the balcony of your cabin, while the whipper snappers giggle their way down the 3m high waterslide. With kind weather for most of the year, a number of kids facilities, and a range of accommodation available, it's fantastic value for a young family. The kids may think the waterpark is all there is the world, but you're in Byron Bay! Go to the famous lighthouse for a goofy picture or go nuts at Macadamia Castle

Stay at Discovery Parks - Byron Bay




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Welcome to the Southern Great Barrier Reef! We've got peaceful beaches, a tranquil lake to kayak down, bushland to walk through, and a waterpark that leaves smiles for days. It's a biggie. Five waterslides, tipping bucket, and all the colours of the rainbow. The holiday park has a broad range of cabins and sites that can suit any family: from the budget-conscious to a home away from home. 

Stay at Discovery Parks - Coolwaters, Yeppoon




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We don't like to toot our own horn, but this place is ideal for families in central New South Wales. Discovery Parks - Dubbo is a few minutes away from the baby rhinos, but there's even much more to look forward to around here. Come for the Dubbo Zoo, stay for the splashtacular fun. Along with the waterpark, there is a bouncing pillow, playground, swimming pool, BMX track, a movie room, and a games room. We know, it's a kid's (and parent's) dream come true.

Stay at Discovery Parks - Dubbo




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When you're not taking a million photos next to the Big Banana, we guarantee you'll be watching your son or daughter making a waterpark friend. They will both spend the next few hours together on the slides, dunked by the bucket, and loving the sprayzones. By sunset, they'll have just enough energy for dinner before some needed shut-eye. With Coffs Harbour closeby, direct access to the open Emerald Beach, and the waterpark at your cabin or caravan step, Discovery Parks - Emerald Beach is a summer go-to. 

Stay at Discovery Parks - Emerald Beach




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Want to get back to the nature but still have a bed and a fridge? The Safari Tents at our Harrington park offer families the opportunity to camp, but in style (i.e. glamping). Begin your day with breakfast out on the verandah, while the kids quickly put on their togs and scramble to the waterpark. When they've finished their tenth bucket tipping, gather the troops and go for a wander to explore the Manning River area. Crowdy Bay National Park is right nextdoor with lookouts, hiking trails, and picnic spots. 

Stay at Discovery Parks - Harrington




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Nearby the historic port of Echuca and alongside the mighty Murray, staying in Moama is the creme-de-la-creme of family holidays at the river. Discovery Parks - Maidens Inn, Moama opened the gates to their new waterpark just before Christmas of 2017. The park has welcomed guests from all over the region, adding a staple attraction to the hub of Echuca-Moama. If you're all splashed out, you have got to go for a cruise on a paddlesteamer - it's essential. 

Stay at Discovery Parks - Maidens Inn, Moama




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Pambula Beach is a hidden gem on the Sapphire Coast. Our puns are groan-worthy, but the memories made at this park bring only delight and joy that can't be faked. Generations of families stay each summer at this holiday park because it has everything you need - including a waterpark. Look one way and your kids are having a ball on the slides, look the other way and its absolute beachfront looking out over Merimbula Bay. 

Stay at Discovery Parks - Pambula Beach




Splish Splash and Dunk waterpark blog

Our waterpark at Discovery Parks - Lake Bonney is officially open for business! Slides, sprayzones, and tipping bucket. The colours of this 500sqm waterpark reflects the beauty of the Murray River and the local citrus growers. The park has recently also introduced 16 brand new two-bedroom cabins which will comfortably accommodate up to six people. 

Stay at Discovery Parks - Lake Bonney



All excited for summer now? Book your stay at one of these parks to secure your holiday. 


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