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Eden Fishing

11 Oct 2017

You’ve come all the way to Eden with your family. Your kids are pestering you to take them to something fun, and your wife wants to go on a bushwalk because she’s finished her holiday book already. In this situation, there is only one thing you can say… Get reel! Eden fishing gives you access to all kinds of fun. Enjoy the various types of fishing Eden has to offer, including game, reef, sports, estuary and rock fishing. Before going however, there are some important questions about Eden fishing that you need answered.

Discovery Parks - Eden is right around the corner to the fishing fun.

Who should you enjoy Eden fishing with?

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There are a number of Eden fishing charters for you to choose from. Each charter gives you access to different areas. You can also save money by choosing to enjoy a shared charter or get a private charter to stay on your game. Eden fishing charters suit all kinds of fishing experiences! Game, reef, and deep sea are all available in these waters. And if you're keen to do something a little different, a few charters offer whale watching tours during migration season - oh, and what a sight that is. 

Fishing Charters:

Freedom Charters
(02) 6496 1209

Eden Outdoors and Marine
(02) 6496 1513

Reel Affair Fishing Charters
1800 233 247

Rathlin II Fishing Charters
(02) 6495 9947

Where are the hotspots for Eden fishing?

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Eden fishing spots are some of the richest and most diverse in the world. Game fishers can enjoy the Magic Triangle, incorporating areas from Red Point to Mowarry Point. Twofold Bay is also a great area for dropping a line if you’re looking for reef fishing, while land-based anglers should check out the beautiful Worang Point and the relaxing Curalo Lagoon. Where's our favourite spot? Ben Boyd National Park's rugged landscape and seclusion is fantastic for a day of land-based game fishing. 

What can I catch through Eden fishing?

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In fact, a better question would be “What can’t I catch through Eden fishing?” Offshore waters allow you to catch marlin, yellowtail kingfish and a number of shark breeds (for all you major thrill-seekers out there). Land fishing also gives you a fair amount of variety, with yellowfin bream, salmon and gummy sharks all available to be caught. However, the real winners when it comes to fish variety are the reef fishers, with hapuka, morwong, leatherjackets, snapper, flathead and blue-eyed trevalla. Fishing in Eden throws up a number of great fish for serious and amateur fishers alike.

When is the best time to experience Eden fishing?

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The best fishing Eden has on offer is available between December and May. During these months, the East Australian Current can run inshore and bring tuna to the area. You should also look to take part in one of the biggest annual events of the area, the Eden Amateur Fishing Competition in March. Men and women, boys and girls - you all have the chance to try your line at the prizes. Plus, it's a fun weekend to spend time with family and friends on the water. 

Why is Eden fishing so highly regarded?

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Not only is Eden fishing a great way to spend your holiday, it is also one of the best places to enjoy a relaxing getaway in New South Wales. There are hikes, kayaking tours, and the historic Eden Killer Whale Museum. The culture of the area is built around the marine life, and fishing gets you up close and personal with everything the area has on offer. It is an absolute must for all serious and amateur fishermen alike!


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