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12 Etiquette Tips For Australia’s Cellar Doors

11 Oct 2017

It’s always a good season to visit cellar doors and taste wine right across Australia and there’s no time like the present to hit cellar doors and sip the good stuff.


Cellar Door Etiquette

Cellar door ettiquette

12 tips from cellar door manager Steve Todman from Olive Farm Wines, Swan Valley.


  1. It’s not a bar. Customers are here to sample wine. Some people treat it as a bar and expect to drink for free. We charge a tasting fee which is waived upon purchase.
  2. Listen to staff… when we explain the wine and go through a lot of technical details. We don’t expect everyone to know as much as others.

    cellar door ettiquette blogDomaine Chandon; Credit: Tourism Victoria

  3. Don’t try the same wine excessively. Some people try a wine and expect a refill two or three times.
  4. Don’t overstay your welcome. I’ve had people hang around for three and a half hours – 45 minutes to an hour is fine.
  5. Be considerate of others. Everyone here is here to have a good time and try the wine. It’s not a social event.
  6. Don’t bring your own alcohol or glassware. You know people have been having a good time when you go to the bathroom to clean it and find bottles from other wineries snuck in.
  7. Ask questions. Winemakers spend a lot of time producing the wines and put a lot of heart and soul into it. We love to talk about it.

    cellar door ettiquetteCellar Door Vase Felix, Margaret River; Tourism Western Australia

  8. You don’t have to make a purchase. We’re here to sample – if you like something make a purchase but there’s no pressure.
  9. Make sure you’re well fed. Eat throughout the day or book in to a restaurant. It’s very important that you have a meal before tastings.
  10. Kids rule. We have a play area but not all do. Check whether a cellar door is family friendly before you arrive.
  11. Drink water. All cellar doors supply it.
  12. Assign a designated driver. If not, find other modes of transport such as a taxi or Uber.


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cellar door ettiquette


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