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Ultimate Gift Guide For Campers & Caravanners

21 Sep 2017

Choosing the right gift is a struggle. And you will not be buying a silly tie or a bouquet of flowers this time around. Think about that person you care about. 

Do they love to tent out on the grass, snug in their favourite sleeping bag? Or do they love to park their caravan on a spot overlooking the water, so they can sit on their best camp chair and watch the world go by?

However they choose to spend their relaxation time, we've got the ultimate guide for the campers and caravanners in your life. Read to the end, and you'll find a *special* gift just for caravanners and one just for campers. 


Hiking boots

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We keep pushing through these challenging hikes with our runners on and regretting it with ice on our feet later. Hiking boots offer sole support, are waterproof, last longer than your average shoe, and protect you from brush. Especially if you're a lover of bushwalking, boots are essential. Buy the first pair or upgrade an old one. Our strongest recommendation is to choose mid to high top hiking boots, to give you the ankle support you need on uneven terrain. 

Find here: Outdoria, Scarpa, Keen, Aussie Disposals


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Know someone who doesn't leave the house without wearing thongs? A regular holiday park visitor can never have too many pairs of thongs. And there’s nothing wrong with having multiple pairs - a pair to leave at the caravan doorstep, a pair to throw in the tinny and a pair to take to the shower block. Get them in a range of colours to match every singlet!

Find here: Kmart or Havaianas

Travel Journal

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There are places that change you and you need to etch these to your memory, it's easy to forget even the best of experiences.  You don't need to be a novelist to write down your travels; your only responsibility is to embark on adventures and put pen to paper. Even jot down a few dot points of your highlights from the day - future you will say thanks. A regular notebook will do, but there are a few notebooks (and apps to download for free) out there that make special gifts. 

Find here: OutdoriaNotemaker, kikki-K, Journi


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They're so proud, they either want to guess how to get there or use a paper map. In the end, we're hours away from where our holiday is meant to be. A GPS is the best gift to say "I love you, let's go on a roadtrip!...but not get lost out in the sticks this time." If you don't want to use up all of your phone's battery, a separate GPS is more convenient and efficient. Not only will it help you get to your journey, but it will help you enjoy it to. A GPS can tell you nearby restaurants, shops, and attractions while on your way. 

Find here: Outdoria, TomTom, Garmin

Master Pan

A pan that cooks every part of your breakfast at once? This is NOT a drill. The Master Pan will take your camp cooking up a notch. Fry up your pancakes, eggs, and bacon all at once with this nifty pan. Their non-stick and stain-resistant, making cleaning easy and quick. Our only recommendation: don't try to impress anyone flipping the pancakes unless you want scrambled eggs instead of fried. 

Find here: Master Pan


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Is there a budding twitcher in your life? Turn an interest into a hobby with a set of binoculars. They'll be able to see the whales migrating in the water, birds calling out from the trees, and for general travelling excursions. If you're on a tour through places like Kakadu or Mt. Kosciuszko, binoculars are fantastic to see the animals around the billabongs or to look out from the top Australia's highest peak. Be careful using binoculars that aren't waterproof in the rain - they'll rust and build up a fogginess in the lenses. 

Find here: OutdoriaCarson, Celestron, Pentax


Garden gnomes

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For that matter, any lawn ornaments will fancy up your set-up. Depending on who that special caravanner is in your life, this may be the missing piece to their arrangement. Support Australian local artisans from They've got little gnomes, big gnomes, "gnaughty" gnomes, and other garden things. (The funky chicken is a beauty!). 

Find here:


Glow-in-the-dark rope

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Going to the facilities in the dark is a sinch now that you're guaranteed to not trip over! Give your tent a UFO makeover that you were hoping for all of this time. Your neighbours will be oo-ing and aah-ing at your clever trick and wishing they'd have some for themselves. The rope absorbs sunlight during the day to glow at night. If you know someone a bit clumsy, this will save some falls. 

Find here: Autobarn


Gifts that campers and caravanners can all get around. Bring them along to our caravan parks for your next holiday. With over 60 parks across Australia, discover adventure at one of our destinations.



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