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Camping Wine Reviews To Make You Gag And Giggle

11 Aug 2017

Seasoned Australian wine editor and drinker, Anthony Madigan pops the seal on five cracking Australian wines that are perfect for camping, glamping or just kicking back with a glass.


Sheets to the wind 

You’re paranoid about your snoring. But so far, so good. No dirty looks.Camping Wine The park is one big happy family. Wally from the Winnebago gives you some barramundi. Pam from the pop-top invites you to see her new jockey wheel. Mick comes over to admire your octopus straps. The lad in the tent next door gives you nostril plugs. Time for a toga party at the barbie shed. Get the fun started with Ninth Island Tasmania NV ($23). Open two bottles. If the nostril plugs fail, try the corks.

Image credit: Kreglinger Wine Estate.

Wet argument

Pause the Scrabble and get out of your cabin. A new caravan has camping wine blogarrived and you don’t want to miss the action as they set up in front of an expectant crowd. How many attempts will it take for them to reverse into their powered site? How many arguments between driver and navigator? Grab some popcorn and d’Arenberg The Footbolt Shiraz 2015 ($18) and put it on Instagram. If you ever see this wine in a shop and walk straight past it, it’s worth backing back for. No argument.

Image credit: d'Arenberg.

Glow in the park 

You’re an avid birdwatcher. But you had a day off and sat under a gum camping wine blogtree reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Instead it’s now dusk and time to actually do something. Get up and turn your deck chair around and watch the sunset. Put your own red glow in your heart with Xanadu Margaret River DJL Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 ($24). Drink with pink beetroot dip, orange carrots, red tomatoes, gold Cheezels and anything else with beautiful sunset hues. 

Image credit: Xanadu Wines.

Pulling your peg

You’re camping with your father. He’s not very fussy. He has 23 Fruit Halls Gap Estate shiraz2Loops every morning and only eats the blue ones. You’re in charge of annexe erection. You bang in the tent pegs. He pulls them all out and bangs them back in a millimetre to the right. Take your confidence up a peg with Halls Gap Estate Grampians Fallen Giants Shiraz 2015 ($32). One expert gave it 93 points – one for every peg he moved. Drink it yourself. Too good to have with Fruit Loops.    

Image credit: Halls Gap Estate. 


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This article was written by Anthony Madigan and published in G’DAY Magazine.

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