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These 6 Things Happen When You Go Somewhere New

7 Aug 2017

That town, that coast, that state - we make a list of the places we want to go to but haven't yet. The more you shoo away these thoughts, the longer the list grows. Why not give one of those places a go? 

We've met travellers far and wide fulfilling our holiday dreams. We love the stories, like the couple who saw snow for the first time in Jindabyne or a father who got around to teaching his son to fish near Harrington. It's not too late to travel somewhere new and experience the benefits. 

Important lessons will be learnt from stepping into the unknown. Check out our six reasons to get the map out and explore the possibilities.

1. You'll Try Things You've Always Been Meaning To

"I have always wanted to do that, but you know how it is." Sure, we do. Your friend comes back from caravanning across the Nullarbor and you make a mental note to do that some day. Maybe you've never been to the tropics and you want to see how the locals live somewhere that feels like a 24/7 holiday. Those big travel goals - the fish you want to catch, the towns you want to see and the hills you want to hike - can finally be ticked off. And you know what? You will cherish those memories and thank yourself for getting around to it. 

2. You'll Have New Photos For The Albums

What's better: dinky souvenir t-shirts or a photo of the last sunset on your trip? Okay, okay. We like a bit of both. C'mon, who doesn't love their own take-home snowglobe of Melbourne? A snowglobe might break, though. A photo you can keep for far longer. One look at that picture of the river you boated down and you are sent back in time, remembering the holiday you loved. In a new place, you can't help but want to take dozens of new photos to add to your collection. It's your own collage of life. 

3. You Can Forget About Your Day-To-Day Stress

Your future happy self will thank you for the mental break. We all get caught up in the routine and the daily stress. You're taking kids to school, running errands around town or working five days a week. Travelling to a spot you've never been to forces you to step outside of your comfort zone and reset - both of which improve the way you feel from the inside out. It's not the same old familiarity, but a place where you can remove yourself from the usual stress. 

4. You're All In The Same Boat

There's no upper-hand had here. When you place your finger on the map and choose a town that neither you or your partner have been to before, you're in it together. We love going around our old haunts, but the fun is in teaming up with your best friend and knowing you don't know much. You're grabbing every brochure you can, researching all of the possible tours and driving around town to see what you might discover. Our suggestion is to have your morning tea and decide your top two things you want to see that day. If not, wing it! 

5. You'll Make New Mates

New places means new faces. Whenever we're at a holiday park, we find ourselves getting chatty at the camp kitchen. We went to the museum, did you go to the museum? We went kayaking down this river, do you like kayaking? You end up saying g'day, sharing stories and finding out you have more in common than you would think. Travelling certainly teaches us one powerful lesson: we're all the same in some ways, but different in others. The things you both like will start up the conversation and the differences will keep you talking. Next year, you may even end up travelling together or coordinating meeting up at the same holiday park. 

6. Your Escape Will Help You Appreciate Home Sweet Home

Distance makes the heart grow fonder and that speaks true of time away from home. While each town has its own magic, you find yourself missing a few things. You miss the familiar faces around town when you're getting groceries, your garden that you tend to, the couch you sit on to watch the footy and your pets who surely miss the company. A holiday will teach you to appreciate what's out there, but to also appreciate what's already good. After all, there's no place like home.


Does this have you thinking of a holiday park you've had your eye on? Book your stay at a Discovery Park and experience the enjoyment of going somewhere new. 




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