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10 Best Casserole Recipes On Holiday

1 Aug 2017

Comfort: it can be found in the company you share, the blanket you wrap around yourself on a cold night, and the food you eat. Casseroles comfort us with their warmth and simplicity, reminding us of homecooked meals from childhood. 

We love casseroles because they are cheap, a smart use of leftovers and easy to make for a big group. Especially when you're on holiday, all of these factors matter. Find out our top 10 favourite casserole recipes below and save one to use at our camp kitchen!

Garlic Parmesan Zucchini Casserole

Recipe & image: The Seasoned MomGarlic Parmesan Zucchini Casserole 9

Less than an hour to prepare and you've got a triple cheese bonanza. Get your daily dose of veg with this Garlic Parmesan Zucchini Casserole (even the NAME is a dream). Zucchinis have that bit of sweetness when eating the first bite, but plain enough to soak up all the flavours of the dish. What we love: those buttery breadcrumbs!




Vegetarian Black Bean Enchilada CasseroleBlack bean enchilada casserole slice

Recipe & image: Aberdeens Kitchen

Do you like a kick to your dinner? Choose your favourite hot sauce for this recipe (be brave). With or without jalapeño sauce, the ingredients in this casserole are fully satisfying and scrumptious. Black beans, tortillas, cheese, corn and capsicum are all mixed together to form a winning combination. A few translations: "bell peppers" are capsicum and "cilantro" is coriander. 



Old School Chicken And Rice Casserole

Recipe & image: Plain ChickenOld school chicken and rice

All of this quinoa and talk of superfoods. Sometimes you just want to keep it simple, familiar and traditional. This Chicken & Rice Casserole will give you flashbacks to your childhood, with family meals had and stories shared around the dinner table. If you're feeling stuck, the cook has made a fabulous video alongside the recipe for you to follow along. This recipe is suited for travelling, as canned food easier to pack than all sorts of veggies. 



Loaded Baked Potato Casserole With Chicken

Recipe & image: The Spicy ApronPotato Casserole Double with watermark 768x1152

A casserole for a crowd. Baked potatoes are a family favourite and a classic on our holidays at park. If you and another family or other couples are thinking of meals to share, this is an easy option to feed up to eight people. Cheese, bacon, sour cream and chives all over a baked potato - it's a no-brainer. Does cutting an onion always make you emotional? Wear goggles. It will stop you from tearing up and give everyone else a laugh. 



Easy Cheesy Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Recipe & image: GimEasy Breakfast Casserole 1me Some Oven 

Wakey wakey, casserole for breaky! Break up the morning routine and ditch that piece of toast or bowl of cereal. Have the best parts of a savoury breakfast in one: hashbrowns, egg, cheddar cheese and sausage. All the important food groups are covered. While you'll have to get out of bed earlier than the group, the smell will lure them out of bed and they'll be grateful for the effort put in. 



Million Dollar Pasta Bake

Recipe & image: Great Grub, Delicious Treats Million Dollar Pasta Bake

You're worth a million bucks, so it's time to start eating like it. Spag bog is a gift from the Italian gods and we're ever grateful for their service. This pasta bake is a bulkier spaghetti bolognese but with, you guessed it, an array of cheese: cottage cheese, cream cheese and mozzarella cheese. On a rainy day, the Million Dollar Pasta Bake is the ultimate comfort food to win your heart. 



Tuna Macaroni Bake

Recipe & image: Neil's Healthy Meals Tuna Macaroni Bake

A tasty, healthy meal doesn't need to be expensive. Holidays can already take quite a few dollars out of your pocket, so splurging on food at park is not ideal. This Tuna Macaroni Bake is the solution you've been looking for. It asks for only six, low-cost ingredients and can be ready to serve in 35 minutes. We think a basic garden salad on the side goes well with the bake (we'll even be a little cheeky and say place a scoop of pasta bake over the salad and mix it all up). 



Chicken Curry Casserole

Recipe & image: 100 Days of Real Food Chicken Curry Casserole on 100 Days of RealFood

We love cooking curry for dinner, but a bake is less mess and feeds more. How about have your curry and eat your bake, too? While this recipe requires some previous preparation in cooking the rice and chicken, the casserole itself is not fussy. Our tip: use canned coconut milk instead of regular milk. Coconut milk adds a rich and sweet taste to the curry that you are sure to love. 



Veggie-Loaded Breakfast Casserole

Recipe & image: Little Spice Jar Veggie loaded casserole

Greet the day with this vegetarian breakfast casserole. We recommend making this the night before so you aren't fumbling around with cutting potatoes and onions in the wee hours of the morning. Customise it to suit your favourite ingredients. We added Tabasco sauce, eggplant and zucchini. How would you zest it up? 




Tomato Beef Country Casserole

Recipe & image: Together As FamilyBeef country casserole 4

Are you a thin or creamy pasta sauce kind of eater? If it's creamy, find yourself a new staple camp kitchen meal with a country casserole. Our favourite ingredient is the cream of mushroom soup, thickening the sauce around the egg noodles. We don't often use flat egg noodles in our pasta bakes. Much like a great beef stroganoff recipe however, the sauce is perfectly paired with these flat noodles. 




Inspired to get cookin' somewhere good lookin'? Choose one of our holiday parks and book your next stay. With a range of self-contained cabins and camp kitchens at each park, you're set to fill up happy bellies with these recipes at your disposal. 





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