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7 Reasons To Stay For Work At Discovery Parks

28 Jun 2017

On the road for work and looking for accommodation that ticks the boxes? Hotel rooms can be pricey and poky. And you just want to feel comfortable when you're away from home, your dog and your local - not too much to ask. Explore the highlights of a stay for work at Discovery Parks. 

1. Accommodation Options

The beauty of staying at a Discovery Park is the variety of accommodation options that are available. All of our parks offer spacious and comfortable self-contained cabins, villas and studios with plenty of room to stretch out inside. If you need to do your work from the park, there is enough space in the cabin to spread your papers out on a desk or table. From multi-bedroom cabins with a veranda to modern studio apartments, each location has its own set layout. 

2. Cook Your Own Bacon & Eggs

Wake up, put on the kettle and make your brekky in your pyjamas. Wave away that coffee that'll nearly burn your mouth off at the servo and the soggy banana bread you bought just to get through the next hour. Instead, fry up your eggs and bacon, sit at the table with a newspaper and start your day with a warm meal before you even comb your hair. 

3. Park Your Car (For Free)

Your worst nightmare: driving in circles for 20 minutes looking for a park, only to find paid parking that'll cost you 500 bucks an hour (or at least that's the way it feels). Parking won't be an issue while staying with us. Our parks can accommodate larger cars, utes with trailers and commercial vans. There's no hourly fee, or any fee at all - it's part of staying with us. 

4. Facilities & Features

We won't make you search for a laundromat or stay in stinky clothes. Our parks have laundry facilities for you to get out the tomato sauce stain from last night's dinner. Depending on the park, we have a range of other facilities available: BBQs, camp kitchens, meeting & conference rooms, on-site dining hall or cafe and swimming pools. Some even have kayak, paddle board or boat hire (because we all need a break from work). 

Most importantly: majority of our parks have internet access, so you'll be able to send your emails and check your Facebook (and still stay connected to the world). 

5. Affordable Price

At the end of the day, you're thinking about the bill. While a room (and only a room) in a hotel may cost upwards of $150, our fully self-contained cabins & units are priced between $75 and $200 per night. With the same cost as a hotel room, you’ll have more space to work, relax and make your meals.

6. 60+ Locations

What’s so great about staying at a holiday park for work? We know Australia and we know it well. With dozens of destinations across the country, our staff have the best local knowledge to assist you with your stay. There are things that even Google can't answer too well, but our friendly staff would have that insider intel. Getting around town, finding the nearest supermarket or grabbing a bite to eat – come by reception and we’ll help you out!

7. Community

If cooping yourself up in a cabin isn't what you're about, step outside and join the BBQ. One minute you're turning over patties, and the next you're sharing a drink with a new mate from interstate. Unlike a hotel, it offers both the privacy of your own self-contained space and the opportunity to have a yarn with other travellers. Some of our parks have regular movie, BBQ and roast beef nights that are open to all guests to enjoy. Maybe, just maybe, it'll convince you to return to our park as a member for a holiday. 


Experience the benefits and book your stay for work at a Discovery Park.




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