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Easy Peasy Meals For Winter School Holidays

22 Jun 2017

The mid-year school holidays are coming up and we have a few ideas about how to feed the tribe when you stay at the park. Whether you're at a site or cabin, we have created a menu of options to eat with your family. 

From cheesy breakfast burritos for the early risers to grilled bananas for dessert, here are a few doable meal options for the Winter School Holidays.


You're up early to get a move-on to a park. Time's a-wastin'! The car is ready to go, the kids are piled into the car, but everyone is hungry. Pikelets and pancakes are easy to nibble on in the car without needing to stop and worry about the mess. Spread them with peanut butter, jam, or honey and even add a few slices of banana to smoosh on top. You can buy pikelets, crumpets, english muffins and the sort at any supermarket. Less thinking, more yum. 


Cabin: Cheesy Scrambled Egg Burrito

A fiesta of flavours, this will give you your zing back in the morning! Prep your scrambled eggs like you normally would. Whisk the eggs with a bit of milk, salt and pepper. Pour and scramble in a fry pan with shredded cheese. Then, on a clean or separate fry pan, place a tortilla onto it and flip on each side until slightly browned. Once done, slide the tortilla onto the plate, add shredded cheese (again), pour on the scrambled eggs and add in your veggies: tomatoes, spinach, capsicum and any leftovers you have in the fridge to spice things up! 

Tip: Add in bits of cooked bacon for a protein kick or a dash of tobasco for a kick. 


Banana and Cinnamon Porridge

Warm, inviting: porridge is the meal of our childhoods. In a saucepan, pour in your favourite milk into a saucepan and bring to a simmer. Add in traditional oats and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and stir until the oats thicken. When ready, remove from heat and let sit for a few minutes. Once ready, pour into a bowl and mix in cinnamon and banana. (Get the recipe from

Tip: Add in a teaspoon (or tablespoon, we won't judge) of peanut butter and a few drops of honey or maple syrup. Your taste buds will be singing. 

Site (BBQ): Ham, Cheese & Tomato Toastie

It may feel a little silly for us to be explaining the recipe of a national favourite, but we do have a few recommendations. Keep the tomato nice and fresh, and add it in after you have toasted the ham, cheese and bread on the BBQ. It's early morning, so it can be easy to forget!

Tip: Add in avocado. You will feel like you are dining at the hippest café AND it's healthy and delicious. 


Fruit Salad with Yoghurt

We like to slice up seasonal fruit to ensure that what we have will be fresh. Mix up slices of banana, mandarin, orange, and grapefruit. Pour Greek or vanilla yoghurt on top and enjoy.

Tip: Drizzle it with honey. You know it sounds good! 


Cabins (BBQ or Stove): New York Style Hot Dogs with Coleslaw

BBQ those snags until they're cooked through. Place into a hot dog bun and give it the New York works. Sauerkraut, yellow mustard, tomato sauce (never ketchup!), and relish or slices of pickle. 

Serve it up with some slaw on the side. We like this recipe from Just 2 Sisters. They keep it simple, but tasty with just 5 ingredients. (Get the recipe at Just 2 Sisters).


Roasted Chickpea Yiros

Hold this pocket of goodness in your hands and bite in! Pat the chickpeas until dry with a paper towel, then mix in a bowl with olive oil and spices: pepper, salt, sage, or another spice you like to add in. After they're roasted, put them on the pita bread with tzatziki and vegetables. (Get the recipe at Live Eat Learn).

Tip: Toast the pita bread on a pan until slightly crispy to keep everything warm, with a lovely small crunch. To avoid mess, wrap in a paper to avoid picking up the yummy chickpeas off of the floor. 

Sites (BBQ): Grilled Chicken Burgers with a Garden Salad

Barbecue the chicken breasts with spices and ingredients of your choosing. Oregano, paprika, lemon and pepper all taste great (even better together). When ready, slice up the meat and place into burger rolls with vegetables. Keep the salad simple: leafy greens, cherry tomatoes, olives and a balsamic dressing.

Tip: We like to add in lettuce, slices of tomato, BBQ sauce, sautéed onions and beetroot into our burgers. 


Tuna Quesadillas with BBQ'd Corn

Canned tuna is so convenient to tote around on holiday, it has to be used at least once in a meal. We like quesadillas because they're filling, fast to prepare and easy to eat. 

This recipe from calls for a mix of drained tuna with mayonnaise and salsa. Place tortillas onto aluminium foil, add in shredded cheese and the tuna mix, more cheese and another tortilla over the top. Cover with aluminum foil and place on the BBQ or hot plate. Turn periodically, checking the cheese has melted through. When ready, let cool for a few minutes and allow cheese to sit. (Get the recipe at 

BBQ the corn plain or with a dash of salt, pepper and olive oil. The corn is ready when you see little dark spots appear. 

Tip: Make sure to wait for the quesadillas to cool and have plenty of serviettes on hand.

Don't have a lot of time?: Make cold cut sandwiches. Add ham, mayonnaise, seeded mustard, lettuce, tomato and whatever else you enjoy. Warm up the bread rolls in the microwave, cut them up open, place in the ingredients and the kids will be happy as can be. 



Look no further, as lasagna is the ideal bulk recipe when you have an oven. Try the easiest lasagna recipe from this link for dinner with your family in the cabin. With the cheese, it's okay to be flexible. Slices of hard cheese like cheddar work well in the layers, too. (Follow recipe from Damn Delicious). 

Site (BBQ): Meat and Vegetable Kebabs with white rice 

Food on a stick is the simple solution for a long day of holidaying and adventure with your family - especially heading for the camp kitchen's BBQ. You'll need to have time to prepare the meat for about 30 minutes before cooking them. Good news is, you can take that time to boil the white rice. Marinade the meat of your choice (lamb, beef and chicken all work fine). We like this chicken fajita kebab recipe from Well Plated. On the skewer, alternate between the meat and veggies. Capsicum, zucchini, onion, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms are a few options. Grill until the meat is cooked through, turning occasionally. Place next to the white rice and you're ready to eat! (Get the chicken kebab recipe at Well Plated). 

Tip: Grab some BBQ nonstick hot plate liners before you hit the road. It makes clean-up a breeze. 


For Everyone: Grilled Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream

Cut the bananas in half, long-ways, place on the BBQ or hot plate and flip on both sides until browned. Place in bowls with vanilla ice cream and drizzle with maple syrup! 

Tip: Top with chocolate chips, you'll thank us later. 


The best part about these recipes? There are no real rules on when to eat them! Eat a breakfast burrito at lunch or have kebabs for dinner. Try these out when you're staying at a Discovery Parks these Winter School Holidays. Book your stay now at a park with one of our specials deals:



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