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Top 5 Aussie Books For The Road

3 May 2017

When on holiday, some of us are still hooked to our laptop checking our emails. The rest of us, well...we want to steer as far away from technology as we can. Best way to do that? Getting back to the simple pleasures in life and sitting down with a great book. 

Whatever you're in the mood for, rest on the verandah or in the comfort of your caravan with a new story to dive right into. 

Jasper Jones

Craig Silvey

A serious, clever and heartbreaking read. It's the summer of 1965, when 13-year-old Charlie makes friends with the mysterious Jasper Jones. But when Jasper shares his secret with him, Charlie is pulled into the centre of a town's web of lies, truths and prejudices. The winning part of the book: the fantastic dialogue. 

The Spare Room

Helen Garner

The Spare Room is about a test of friendship between two women, Nicola and Helen. Nicola is visiting Helen in Melbourne not for a mere catch-up, but for treatment that she believes will cure her advanced cancer. As Helen takes on the role as both friend and caretaker, her life changes just as dramatically as Nicola's battles for survival. 

The Bodysurfers

Robert Drewe

A collection of interlinking short stories following three generations of the Lang family, The Bodysurfers marked a new turning point in Australian literature. The Australian relationship with the coast is a part of our national character, which Drewe uses as the landscape to these stories. As each of the stories are quite short, this book is easy to read in bits over a few days. 

The Magic Pudding

Norman Lindsay

We are never too old for a childhood classic! Who remembers reading this when they were in school? Follow the adventures of a koala, a penguin and a sailor as they protect their magic puddin'. The pudding thieves are always out lurking, so the job of defending their pudding is no easy ask. Great for a night time read to grandkiddies or a healthy dose of nostalgia, The Magic Pudding is well worth revisiting and introducing to younger generations. 

Dirt Music

Tim Winton

Considered by many to be one of Australia's best writers, Tim Winton draws you into his emotionally charged characters in Booker Prize shortlisted novel Dirt Music. Set in outback Western Australia, Georgie becomes intrigued by watching a stranger who tries to poach fish. Downcast by her relationship with a local fisherman, a complicated connection arises between herself and the stranger. But how long can this secret be kept before things go out of control? 


These are only a few suggestions of a long list of great Australian novels. If you think we missed a few books, email us with your favourites.

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