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5 Reasons To Take It Slow in Onslow

20 Apr 2017

The coast of Australia is spectacular: the salty air, the cool breeze, and the sunsets along the horizon. But sometimes it can get a little crowded at the beach and you really would prefer some peace. Few or no people to be able to completely and totally relax. 

At the North West corner of Western Australia sits the hidden sapphire of Onslow. A lovely coastal town, it offers visitors a bit of the old and a touch of the new. Make it a whole journey on the self-drive tour of the Warlu Way and uncover the beauty of this area of the country few go to see. 

1. Gateway to the Mackeral Islands

You've seen the photos. Couples snorkelling in unimaginably blue water, mates on a boat with huge catches and whales splashing their tail fins. The Mackeral Islands, only 22 kilometres off the coast, are a must-see in the Pilbara.  Set off from Thevenard Island for a scuba diving tour to discover the colourful marine life (turtles, batfish and sharks - oh my!). More of a fisherman? Take a charter and catch BIG. And we really mean big: giant trevally, coral trout and spangled emperor. 

2.  History in Onslow

Bit of a history buff yourself? Onslow has the perfect mix for a traveller who wants the sights, the delights and a dash of learning. Abandoned in 1925, Old Onslow offers a look into Australia's past with a range of heritaged listed architecture and Good Shed Museum. View the remains of the old prison (and get a little spooked!). 

3. Staircase to the Moon

Visitors both across Australia and worldwide are drawn to our corner of the world for the natural phenomenon Staircase to the Moon. Between March and October each year, when conditions are just right, witness the full moon shining in its glory over the mudflats at lowtide. It creates an optical illusion as if there are stairs leading straight to the moon. If only they were real - then we could find out if the moon is really made of cheese.

4. Fishing Spots

Take out the reel and explore the possibilities this North West fishing haven. From crabbing at Four Mile Creek to the tackle at Ashburton River and Sunrise Beach, these are only a few options readily available for the keen fisherman to visit. Fish, have a picnic, enjoy the sunset, return to park and eat up your day's catch!

5. Take in the Views

Walk the walk on the trails around Onslow. If you like to stay active on a holiday, why not do it alongside views that make it all worthwhile? Enjoy relaxing walks along the Heritage Trail and see historical sites. Go for a boardwalk stroll on the Ian Blair Memorial Walkway. Or see the massive Termite Mounds and see the ants nests. 


Convinced to make your way to the North West of Western Australia? Book now and explore Onslow's gems. 

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