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Things To Check Before You Go

5 Apr 2017

Have you ever left the house for a holiday and wondered: is the stove on? Or are my clothes still on the line? We've all been there. No matter how many times you've gone for a holiday, the morning of the trip is enough to make you frazzled. Making breakfast, checking the house and packing the car - we're not superhuman!

But this time you can equip yourself with a list of things to tick off you go.

Avoid the confusion and stress with our handy Pre-Road Trip Checklist. 

1. The Week Before

  • Check the local visitor information centre to research what to do in the area
  • Confirm the babysitter for your pets
  • If you're bringing your pet, pre-purchase necessary supplies for your pup
  • Check the phone & GPS coverage for your destination
  • Make sure your driver's licence is up to date
  • Check the tyre pressure of your car

2. The Day Before

  • Take out a bit of cash (not everywhere uses eftpos!)
  • Empty the fridge of perishables
  • Water your precious plants
  • Empty the bins
  • Leave key & contact information for your pet babysitters
  • If your dog is coming along for the holiday, make sure you have everything you need so he feels at home on the site, too!
  • Charge your phone, tablet and laptop
  • Pack plastic bags for rubbish

3. The Minute Before

  • Recheck you have all necessary documents, bags, and electronics
  • Bring your wallet & house keys
  • Check all appliances and lights in the house
  • Draw curtains and lock windows

Then grab Sparky and pile into the car - because you're going on a holiday!

But wait, what happens when you're on the road or at the park?


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