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Things To Check Before You Go

5 Apr 2017

Have you ever left the house for a holiday and wondered: is the stove on? Or are my clothes still on the line? We've all been there. No matter how many times you've gone for a holiday, the morning of the trip is enough to make you frazzled. Making breakfast, checking the house and packing the car - we're not superhuman!

But this time you can equip yourself with a list of things to tick off you go.

Avoid the confusion and stress with our handy Pre-Road Trip Checklist. 

1. The Week Before

  • Check the local visitor information centre to research what to do in the area
  • Confirm the babysitter for your pets
  • If you're bringing your pet, pre-purchase necessary supplies for your pup
  • Check the phone & GPS coverage for your destination
  • Make sure your driver's licence is up to date
  • Check the tyre pressure of your car

2. The Day Before

  • Take out a bit of cash (not everywhere uses eftpos!)
  • Empty the fridge of perishables
  • Water your precious plants
  • Empty the bins
  • Leave key & contact information for your pet babysitters
  • If your dog is coming along for the holiday, make sure you have everything you need so he feels at home on the site, too!
  • Charge your phone, tablet and laptop
  • Pack plastic bags for rubbish

3. The Minute Before

  • Recheck you have all necessary documents, bags, and electronics
  • Bring your wallet & house keys
  • Check all appliances and lights in the house
  • Draw curtains and lock windows

Then grab Sparky and pile into the car - because you're going on a holiday!

But wait, what happens when you're on the road or at the park?

4. Download the Discovery Parks App

Simplify the holiday experience with our app. It'll help you locate our park, find the nearest petrol station, discover local attractions, search for a bite to eat and even spot public toilets. 

Download our Discovery Parks App on your preferred device. Simply search "Discovery Parks" in App Store or Google Play. 



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