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Kids Easter Activities For Caravanners

15 Mar 2017

You're not looking to stay at home this year - it's too good a chance to get out and explore! While it's hard to set up a full Easter Egg Hunt in your caravan, there are plenty of easy activities you can do to entertain the kids. 

Get crafty with these ideas this Easter weekend at our park. When your children aren't making new buddies at our holiday activities, take the time to do these in your caravan and in our camp kitchens.

Bunny Face Pancakes

Take the team to the camp kitchen for a breakfast of champions. Make a circular pancake (or a stack, depending on how hungry each person is!) for the face, a banana split long-ways for each ear, pretzels for whiskers, blueberries for eyes and two marshmallows for the buck teeth. It'll be a hoot and a half and yummy, too, topped with maple syrup & cream.

Learn to Count With Eggs

For the tiny ones, teach them how to count (and add) with easter eggs. With plastic eggs - or chocolate ones with wrapping for treats later - write in sharpie numbers 1 to 12. Put different numbers together and help them with their addition! They'll be getting their 2+2's in no time if there is chocolate on the other side. 

Make Your Own Bunny Ears

Nothing's cuter than watching little bunnies hopping around outside - especially if those bunnies are your children happy at play. Craft it out and create your own bunny ears. With a head band and some colourful pipe cleaners, your bunnies can be any colour of the rainbow.  

Easy Cut-Out Eggs 

It can be intimidating sometimes how many materials are asked for in an arts & crafts activity - and can be expensive! When on a budget, and cramped for space on the road, this only requires a few items: paper, (washable) kids paint, and cotton balls. Print out large, egg-shape outlines. Dip the cotton balls into the different paint and make beautiful patterns in and around the egg! An opportunity to colour in and outside the lines. 

Deviled Egg Chicks

15 minutes for a silly and nutritious meal during Easter? Don't mind if we do! Get the kids involved in the camp kitchen for these adorable treats - easter chicks popping out of their eggs. After hard-boiling the eggs, cut open just the top and scoop out the yolk. Mix it in a bowl with sour cream, mustard, mayonnaise, and even a little heavy cream with salt & pepper. fill up the eggs with this mixture, pop the top back on the head to make them look like their hatching and place slices of carrot for the nose & eyes! 


If you prefer the social atmosphere, stay tuned for our parks' Easter Weekend activities on their pages! There will be colouring-in competitions, spoon races, and Easter Egg Hunts.