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The Seasons, They Are a-Changin'

Posted by Discovery Parks on 9 Mar 2017

Everyone claims a season as their "favourite". Admittedly, we love each one of them. Winter brings warm jackets and hot chocolate by the fireplace, popsicles and zinc slide down your face in summer, and the flowers bloom in every nook and cranny in the spring. Autumn may be a season of transitions, but we think of it as more than that. 

Autumn has several holidays to toast to.

Autumn has delicious produce to cook with.

On a road trip, Autumn turns every landscape into a work of art. 

The colours are vibrant with yellows and reds in some parts of the country, and the woods feel so enchanting.

If you can't tell, we're a little head over gum boots for this season. 

We have a few reasons why...

Warm Your Belly 

Roasted pumpkin

The colours change and so does the fruit & veg from harvest. Sweet potato mixed in with salads and pastas, rhubarb pie for every meal of the day, and chai spice added to a milk tea. Happy tummies make for happy days of adventures. Our tip? When roasting pumpkin, add cinnamon, a pinch of brown sugar, and a drizzle of olive oil over the top. The warmth of the flavour is a perfect seasonal topping with just that taste of sweetness you crave. 

Easter EggsHop around on an Easter Egg Hunt 

We're most looking forward to the hippity hop of the Easter Bunny into town! And let's face it, we can't wait to put bunny ears on our kids and watch them bounce around the lawn looking for some choccies. A number of our parks have Easter activities for families - so make sure to watch your favourite parks' activities page for more details. You'll be painting eggs and eating freddos in no time. 

April Holidays with the Kids

But wait, wasn't it just summer? Check the calendar - it's been months since you all had a proper holiday. More importantly, it's been ages since you had a holiday away. Take advantage of the great weather and the school break, because your kids will love making new friends at our park. Many Discovery Parks have a school holidays program with movie nights, colouring-in competitions, craft days, and more. The kids will play and keep busy at our activities, and you can finally sit down with a good book or have time in the open air. 

Internation Womens Day 2017Celebrate Mama Bear

She cares for you when you're sick, she works hard to make sure you're happy, and she's one of your favourite people. Some holidays can be cheesy, but Mother's Day is a great reminder of all the wonderful things mums do and to remind them that you know it, too. Go on a girls trip with your mum, treat your wife to a getaway with river views outside your cabin doorstep, or spend time with the family on a quick weekend away. Mums: it's your day, and you're special!

ANZAC Weekend poppies

We're all a little patriotic, us Australians, and nothing helps us feel more patriotic than a dawn service and an ANZAC biscuit to munch on. Falling on a Tuesday, why not have an extended weekend away? Grill up on the BBQ and watch the footy with your family & friends. 

tentBest Camping Time 

When tents feel like ovens in the summer and you have to layer yourself like a cake in the winter, autumn is a thrill for us campers. The cooler nights let you have big, beautiful sleeps. Crisp weather is ideal for mountainbiking, hiking, and even picnics out on the grass. You'll still need a thermal to get through or a cosy jumper, but the sites aren't so crowded and the calm breeze pulls you in. 



Keep your eyes on our parks for upcoming Easter, ANZAC Day, and School Holidays activities! There will be plenty on for both young'ns & parents.