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Perth to Kalgoorlie

Posted by Discovery Parks on 3 Mar 2017

Did you know that Kalgoorlie is the third largest city in the world?

Well, technically in terms of area. It covers over 95 thousand square kilometres of space. Now, that's a big lawn to mow

Take on the Great Eastern Highway from WA's capital to Kalgoorlie. The wide, expansive landscape of the Wild West is spellbinding. Unveil the true Australian Outback on our itinerary from Perth to Kalgoorlie. 



Don't leave just yet! It's a whole city with a world of opportunities. If you love the cosmopolitan lifestyle, shop til you drop at Mount Lawley or tend to your coffee addiction at one of the many cafes in the city. After a cuppa of the finest blend, start your morning with a walk around Kings Park; treat yourself to stunning views as far as the eye can see. Get your lunch eats on at Toastface Grillah - the best name for a lunch spot with the tastiest grilled sangas. 



Wave rock

Put Perth behind you after lunch and set off for the drive. About four hours from the city, Hyden is famous for the Wave Rock formation and Hippos Yawn. The natural phenomenon of Wave Rock is a psychedelic-looking giant wave, but made out of rock. It's also an important cultural spot for the local Aboriginal community. Have dinner in the town at the Wave Rock Hotel or the Terra Vista olive farm, and call it a night. 




Journey through tiny ghost towns. While driving through Narembeen, take a bit of a sidestep to visit Rabbit Proof Fence. Stop in Meckering for the "Big Camera": a museum of photography where the front door is a lens! Further on from Meckering, you'll reach the former gold mining town of Coolgardie. Once a prosperous and lively corner for gold prospectors, now only 800 people live there - a ghost town (spooky!). Tour through the Goldfields Exhibition Museum for indigenous, gold prospecting, and other pioneer history. 




So maybe you could only tick off a few things on the drive to Hyden, but were just excited to get to the real destination through the red dirt. The main attraction the Super Pit is one of the largest open-pit gold mines in the country. From there, Hammond Park offers a beautiful setting for a family outing. Meet the local wildlife - emus and peacocks live in the animal sanctuary, and a number of birds live around the pond. Conveniently, the park has a few BBQ spots. End your evening with a family dinner at the gazebo. 


The best part of this drive is timing. From August to December, the Golden Outback is dazzling with wildflowers. Pink, yellow, and white paint the fields and make for an extraordinary display.  

Staying around? Visit Lake Ballard. An amazing sight with Australia's largest outdoor gallery. Award-winning artist Antony Gormley has set his sculptures around the lake and is considered one of the best artistic installations in the country. 

Happy travels, ramblers! 


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