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Stories of Courage: Scarlett & Emily

14 Feb 2017

Discovery Parks has become a proud sponsor and partner of Variety the Children's Charity. An organisation founded on the principle that all kids deserve a fair go. Variety aims to support children who are sick, disadvantaged, or who have special needs. 

With your help, we are raising $50,000 per year throughout our parks to support Variety and all of its charitable works. 

Learn more about the children Variety has helped and what your dollar can do!

Scarlett & Emily

Scarlett is a feisty and outgoing four year old who was born with cerebral palsy spastic diplegia but doesn’t let this dampen her dream of one day becoming a super hero.  Her sister, Emily is five years old and lives with autism. Emily is a bit quieter than her younger sister, she loves to draw and paint and hopes to one day become a librarian.  As the girls grew, it become increasingly difficult to transfer the children in and out of the current small family vehicle.  In addition, both girls use specialised strollers which require a vehicle with a larger than normal boot.  Variety assisted the family by providing a larger family vehicle valued at $25,000 to enable them to get out and about as a family.


 “My daughters Emily and Scarlett are amazing little girls with special needs. Emily has Autism and Scarlett has Cerebral palsy and other health conditions. We live in the country and travel 500 kms a week to medical/therapy appointments for the girls. My old car was dying and could not fit the girls special needs stroller in; I did not have the means to replace it. Living in the country there is no public transport or even taxis. I was desperate when I applied to Variety SA for help. I struggle to put in words how much the car Variety granted us has helped the girls. They can now easily access appointments and just get out and about, something that was so difficult to do before. Their special strollers fit in easily and it is much safer to transfer Scarlett in and out of the car.  The girls know our car was given to us by some very special people. They tell us in their own way all the time how much it means too them. We are so grateful for everything Variety has done for the girls and us as a family,’’ Sarah, Emily and Scarlett’s Mum.



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