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With This Gift & Rhyme, Please Be My Valentine?

Posted by Discovery Parks on 2 Feb 2017

Cupid's arrow hit you some years ago (probably by surprise). The grass looks greener, the sky is clearer, and the moon glows brighter - you can't pass off February's day of love.

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. You can't help but feel that you should whisk your sweetheart off their feet - with a little something that says you appreciate them. 

Two-person Packable Hammock

Snuggle up close this holiday in a portable hammock for 2! It's easy to carry and can be set up just about anywhere. Perfect to take on holidays, to the park or beach, and to set up in your own backyard. 

His and Her Hooded Jumpers

Flaunt your love through your style. You're a team, afterall. Personalise your hoodies with logos of your last names or an inside joke you've always had. You'll be kept warm by the giggles and the hood!


Have a dream meal, set up on a blanket on the grass, that you want to surprise your partner with? Wander through the local farmers market for the fresh produce. Or make a date out of it to choose the goods and cook it up together. Find a spot that's private and out of the noise of every day life under the shade of a lush tree. 

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"Remember when..." or "Love" pillow case

Every night and every morning, have them rest their head on something that reminds them they are loved. A different sort of appreciation: showing that you hope they fall asleep and wake up knowing they are loved fully & unconditionally. 


Valentine's Day is an excuse for some much needed rest. You may be at a desk all day, hauling kids around, or working with your hands. Your body aches from the tension and you think your back needs a little attention! Whether it's giving one another a massage or booking a couple's massage to enjoy together, it's important to look after yourselves and feel rejuvenated.


Does your special someone enjoy adorning themselves in a gem or two? Show your love on this holiday with a small reminder that they can wear every day. For the nature lovers: tree or wildlife earrings are both beautiful with that little touch of quirky. 

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Engage in a new activity together

Neither of you are much to sit in place. You're at your jobs all week and you want the opportunity to stretch your limbs. You want to do something that gets you moving and exploring. Try out some peaceful yoga, go canoeing along the river, or discover new cuisines in a couple's cooking class.

Customizable Bobbleheads 

Just in case you forget what your partner looks like! These are silly as can be, but you two aren't about taking life too seriously. You're jokesters and that's what you really appreciate about your relationship: that they can make you laugh your socks off. Put these on your desks to confuse your workmates or keep them on your bedside tables so you can fall asleep with a smile on your face. 

Enjoy a romantic getaway

Let's be serious, it's a chance to go on a holiday in the company of someone who you think is pretty wonderful. 

You're not short on options. Australia is full of romantic spots to escape to - and luckily, Discovery Parks are near many of them. 


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