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Lets Go Chasing Waterfalls

Posted by Discovery Parks on 1 Feb 2017

What has the power to make you feel like an explorer and a Disney character?


Finding them means trekking out of the city and venturing deep into the wild (we’re in!). Tucked away in Western Australia’s Kununurra are magical spots hidden away from the rush of busy life. Particularly in wet season, it’s an excuse to shrug away the rainy blues and enjoy the little gifts that Mother Nature offers us.

It’s any wonder why Kununurra, meaning “Meeting of Big Waters”, is called Kununurra. But before jumping into your car and searching for one of these, make sure to find out if you need a 4WD to get there.


Valentine Springs

A short drive out of the town, Valentine Springs are a staple of the Kununurra landscape. Really a set of rapids, there a convenient attraction while visiting the area. When you get there, make sure to take a dip in the warm pool below! Beware of heavy rains however, as the water rises quickly and it may be inaccessible.


Black Rock Falls

Across the Ord River, nestled away are the Black Rock Falls. While the waterfalls aren’t there all year round, it’s a beautiful place to visit and take snaps of. It’s also a short drive away from Middle Springs - an ideal spot for a family day trip, sweeping views of the valley, or a swim to cool off.

Waterfalls BlogImages courtesy of Tourism Western Australia.

The Grotto

You’ve had a visit to Wyndham and you still have some of the day left over. The Grotto is a famous local gorge and we know why: it’s breathtaking. When it’s truly a fantastic sight is during wet season, when the water really gushes and flows. After splashing around the waterhole, wander around to view the Aboriginal art upon the rock.

Waterfalls BlogImages courtesy of Tourism Western Australia. 

Revolver Falls

The highest single drop waterfall in the Kimberley Region – prepared to be blown away by the vision of Revolver Falls. Jet through the sky on a scenic flight over these remarkable and isolated waterfalls that are certainly well off the beaten path on the edge of Lake Argyle. The secrets of the region feel hidden until you are soaring through the air taking in all this area has to show off.

Waterfalls BlogImages courtesy of Tourism Western Australia.

Molly Springs

A half hour drive from our park and a magical place to view the local wildlife (prepare for goannas!), take your time to relax in Molly Springs. While the pool isn’t very big at the bottom, it’s accessible at any time of the year. The springs, too, are important to the indigenous people of the land and hold great significance in their creation time story.


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