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Riesling: Good To Cycle, Great To Sip

Posted by Discovery Parks on 18 Jan 2017

Sometimes, it's difficult to remember what actual peace & quiet really feels like. Not the kind when you sit on your couch and block out the hubbub around you or the sort where you go to local common to have a sit. We're talking about packing up your car, setting your sights on somewhere more regional, and relaxing in the hum of nature. 

Adelaide locals are lucky with the variety of places to escape to on the weekend. Rivers, lakes, mountains - you name it. It's all in a close range.

Many city folk will opt for a Barossa or McLaren Vale experience. But just a hop, skip & a jump further on, and you'll find yourself in one of the most outstanding wine regions in Australia: the Clare Valley. 

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Friday Night

Settle into your cabin or park your caravan on a site. You've had to drive for a few hours, so you'll want to relax for the night - it's been a work week, don't push yourself. 

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Kick up your feet & rest on your cabin's front deck. The park is beautifully located in what feels like a wooded oasis. It is gorgeously green a good portion of the year - so your setting for the night will let you truly soak in your weekend getaway. 

If you haven't had dinner yet, cook up at the BBQ and cozy into bed for a good night's sleep. It's a big day tomorrow.


Wake up refreshed and ready for the day's adventures. Haven't brought a bike but you want to take advantage of the Riesling Trail? No need to stress, it's your holiday: the park has bikes for hire. 

Choosing which direction and where to go on the trail can be intimidating. Many don't realise how long it actually is. If you're tasting vino as well as cycling to each spot, it's impossible do the whole trail in a day (unless you're superhuman). Talk with our staff for some tips and check out the Riesling Trail page for their map & brochure. Pick your favourites and awaaaay you go! 

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Okay, okay - you're not even sure where to start. We understand, there's a lot to choose from. How about some suggestions? 

Knappstein Wines

Tim Adams

Jim Barry Wines

Sevenhill Cellars

These are only a few of many options dotting the path. Research before you go or simply grab the map & wing it.

The wineries generally provide some nibbles to keep up your energy and water to quench your thirst from the ride. 

Spend the day whizzing around these wineries, learning about the grape varieties, and having a good chat with the people there. They know a thing or two about what recipe pairs well with a Shiraz and recommending a wine that suits a fruity rather than a dry palette. Even if you aren't that big a fan of wine and are just along for the ride, some places produce a lager too. And if that doesn't suit your fancy, take photos of the breathtaking surrounds and wander through the vines. 

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Mr. Mick is a nifty restaurant for a meal and a drink. Placed in a heritage building, it's both a cellar door and a kitchen for your complete indulgence. Fit it into your schedule and grab a table outside. (Remember, you've been biking). 

After a full day of cycling (sometimes even uphill) and tasting the valley's delights, head back to park for a shower and some time to sit down before dinner. Cook up in our camp kitchen again or head into town for a meal.

Clare isn't just the corner store and a gas station. There are a range of restaurants along the main strip from Indian food to Australiana. 

Once your belly is full of food and laughter, you can happily call it a day well spent.


Check out in the morning so you can grab breakfast and stroll through the town. If your stay happens to land on the first Sunday of the month, catch the Clare Valley Food, Art and Wine Markets next to the Town Hall. Buy locally made candles, try on vintage jewellery, or grab a quality coffee. 

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Avoid the return home for a little longer. Only The Good Stuff is a family-run business with fantastic food. The customer service is pleasant and helpful. If you have allergies, they'll make sure to cater to your needs. Burgers, salads, pancakes...and even some treats out the front for your sweet tooth.

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Then the drive home to reality begins! 

A weekend in the Clare Valley is well worth it for families, couples, and solo discoverers alike. It isn't only about the wine and food, it's about the people and culture of the town that make your holiday experience is a lovely one. Book your stay at Discovery Parks - Clare for your weekend away in this gem of South Australia. 


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