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Handy Hints To Keep Your Caravan Cool This Summer

Posted by Discovery Parks on 13 Jan 2017

There’s nothing like hitting the road and camping out during summer. Long days, balmy nights, BBQs and wildflowers by the highway.

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The only downside is trying to keep cool when the heat becomes a little unbearable. Fortunately, we’ve got some proven tips for keeping caravans cool during the warmer months.

Air Flow

Once you’re stopped for the night, open the doors and windows wide so that the hot air doesn’t get trapped inside you van. If you have a pop-top, make sure to open the vents so that hot air can escape. Just make sure you have flyscreens closed to keep out bugs and flies.

Hand tips to keep your van cool airflow (2)Credit: Outdoor Explorer

Close Your Blinds

By keeping blinds and curtains closed, you can keep the sun out and help keep air inside your caravan cooler. It’s a simple trick, but it can make a big difference.

Hand tips to keep your van cool closed blindsCredit: RV Part Shop USA

Switch Lighting

Halogen and incandescent lights tend to generate a lot of heat. A better option during summer is to switch to fluorescent or LED lighting, which not only produce light more efficiently but also generates less heat.

Hand tips to keep your van cool LED lightsCredit: Aussie Traveller

Cook Outside

Make sure you stay somewhere with a well-equipped camp kitchen. Indoor ovens and stovetops can quickly make any caravan feel stuffy, so it’s best to cook outdoors as much as possible when you’re camping during summer.

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Caravan insulation will pay for itself in both summer and winter. These days, most caravans are built with proper insulation. However, if you’re having your caravan custom-built or upgrading one, then make sure it’s properly insulated in both the roof and walls.

Hand tips to keep your van cool insulationCredit: RV Blogger

Trees Are Your Friend

Use nature to your advantage by camping near large trees that can provide plenty of shade during the day.

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Bring Out The Big (Cooling) Guns

If you’ve done all the tips above and your caravan is still unbearably hot, consider investing in air conditioners or mobile fans, especially those that are designed for caravan use.


We hope you stay cool this summer and don't forget to also take care of your furry friends if they have joined you on the journey! 

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Check out our pet-friendly parks to book your next caravanning trip with your best bud.




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