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"Discovery" Is The Name For The Turtle Of Fame

Posted by Discovery Parks on 10 Jan 2017

Over the summer, turtle monitoring coordinators from the Care for Hedland Environmental Association have been staying at Discovery Parks - Port Hedland. If they haven't been busy watching the little shell babies emerging on the beach, they were resting in one of our cabins after a long day's work.

Every year, the turtles that come to the beach to nest for the very first time are tagged & measured by the Care for Hedland team. Some special ones are chosen to be named and adopted.

If you ever thought naming your pup was fun - a turtle is even more exciting. Slick? Shellby? Mr. Clean? The possibilities are endless for your new friend.

As a gift, Kelly and Melissa, the coordinators of the Care for Hedland Turtle Monitoring Program have adopted & named a turtle for us.
And the name of this turtle is: Discovery!

We aren't biased or anything, but we think this is a pretty neat name. Turtles journey far and wide through the great blue waters. They're curious creatures and adventurers - just like us. So, Discovery, we welcome you to the Discovery Parks family with open arms (ahem, we mean flippers).

In the meantime, head over to Discovery Parks - Port Hedland to catch the hatchlings on the beach. These creatures are magical, the location is spectacular, and we're in a unique position to be in the middle of all the action.


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