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Discovery Parks Christmas Gift Guide

9 Dec 2016

In case you haven’t noticed, Santa Claus is on his way! So if you haven’t started your Chrissy shopping yet, it’s time to get cracking.

You're probably pondering what to get for the outdoorsy person in your life. They like a bit of camping here, bit of caravanning there. But what can you possibly get them that they don't already have?

Just for you, we've come up with a range of Christmas gifts to suit everyone - from families to nomads.

A Discovery Voucher

Give the gift of over 60 holiday parks across Australia! Whether it’s a weekend amongst wineries, a trip to the beach or a lakeside retreat, a gift voucher gives your loved ones the freedom to choose their perfect break. Buy online and receive an email with your voucher that can be redeemed online or at any Discovery Park across Australia.

A Wire Toaster

These are a classic camping must-have! Wire toasters are available in most camping stores and cost very little. Fork out a little for your toast with the perfect bit of crunch. 

Fun Distractions For Little Ones

Stop by the dollar store and pick up a bunch of goodies for crafty camping kits that'll keep kids entertained. Perfect while Mum and Dad are cooking or setting up camp.

A Head Torch

Anyone who has been camping will know the importance of good lighting. If you want to see around the campsite at night, hands-free, then a little headlamp is worth the money!

A Toiletry Bag With All The Trimmings

For anyone who frequents amenity blocks, a toiletry bag with all the trimmings is bound to come in handy! Make sure you get a bag that can hang off the ground. (Need a list? Set yourself up with shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturiser, deodorant, comb, mirror and bodywash).

A Digital Camera

Capture those special holiday moments. A good quality digital camera will beat smartphone photos every time.

Stretcher Beds

Easily packed away into a small bag, these save more space and time than air-beds. They are inexpensive, available at most camping stores, AND they can be used indoors (sleepovers!).


A regular holiday park visitor can never have too many pairs of thongs. And there’s nothing wrong with having multiple pairs - a pair to leave at the caravan doorstep, a pair to throw in the tinny and a pair to take to the shower block. Get them in a range of colours to match every singlet!


The gift that will save you from SO many arguments when finding your way around regional Australia or navigating big cities. Don't be stubborn and pull out that paper map that hasn't been updated in 10 years (you know who you are). Treat yourself to something worthwhile!

A Voucher for a Caravan Service

Make sure the caravan is in tip top shape! This one is a no-brainer for the caravan lover in your life.

A Happy Camper Gourmet Hamper

Happy Camper Gourmet meals are fantastic, hearty Aussie meals that only need reheating for a few minutes until they are ready to eat. You don’t need to refrigerate them as they are shelf stable for at least 2 years. They contain NO artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

Digital Thermometer

This one’s perfect for the guy who has everything… or perhaps the “BBQ expert” who char grills everything he touches! A digital thermometer fork displays a meat’s internal temperature after inserting it, ensuring perfectly cooked meat every time.

Portable Power Pack

Portable power packs are a great idea for running your gadgets when you’re far away from civilization or on the road.


We hope this makes your life a little easier when piling gifts underneath the tree!


Snap up a Christmas gift voucher for your loved ones - an experience is one of the most valuable presents you can give.