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Port Hedland: Shellebrity Status

24 Nov 2016

Turtle nesting season is in full groove. Starting in December, the adorable baby turtles will be hatching at the beach across the road from Discovery Parks - Port Hedland

Discovery Parks is a proud sponsor of Care for Hedland, a community-run turtle monitoring program. In an effort to provide marine life education for the people of Port Hedland, this program is a unique way to become involved with conservation of these beautiful creatures. During the 2016/2017 season, we have secured accommodation for the monitoring coordinators in order to undergo this exciting research and endeavours to protect the flatback turtles. 

In the afternoon, the mama turtles lay their eggs along the beach - and we got a snap of this amazing event!


Turtle Nesting


What makes these turtles even more special is that they call our nation home. These flatback turtles are loyal to the Australian shores each nesting. They nest only on our beaches and have the shortest range of migration out of all types of sea turtles. 

Did you hear that right: an Aussie turtle?




You got that right. They come to our shores on porpoise. 

Care for Hedland promotes an environmentally conscious approach to collecting the information they need about these turtles. This means making sure that the way humans interact with these animals is positive. 

As we write this, there are over 200 nests laid on Cemetary Beach in Port Hedland -  waiting to hatch!


Turtle Baby 2

To receive a tour, contact the organisation to experience an evening Turtle Tour. Have the chance to witness a spectacle that few have experienced: the female turtle laying eggs at high tide. 

Book your accommodation now with Discovery Parks - Port Hedland using our Turtle Bunkhouse Special or Turtle Cabin Special. 

Interested in getting more involved? Become a member, a sponsor or a volunteer with Care for Hedland today! 

We can't wait to see what the season holds and we look forward to more turtley awesome snaps from our friends in Port Hedland. 

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