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Booti Booti National Park

7 Sep 2016

Well, it looks like against all odds the impossible has happened. Somehow, you and your family are finally bored with all the exciting Forster water activities. You may as well pack up your things and cut your holiday short right? Wrong! One of the best Forster attractions on offer is right next door!

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Booti Booti National Park is a beautiful 8km peninsula that allows you to really get to know regional NSW on an intimate level. There is plenty to see and do, including:

Booti Booti National Park Wildlife

Booti Booti National Park walks give you access to the diverse flora and fauna of the area. Teach your kids all about the importance of protecting native species, with Booti Booti National Park’s Australian animal conservation program. Over 200 species of birds have been spotted within the parks limits, making this park a must visit for birdwatchers. If you make it down in winter, you can also see the annual migration of whales and dolphins. The Cape Hawke Lookout is particularly good for getting a site of these majestic creatures.

Booti Booti National Park Cycling

Mountain biking is one of Australia’s favourite past times. Who doesn’t remember navigating a rugged cycling trail and the thrill it gave them? Whether you’re looking to relive your favourite memories, or create new ones for your children, Booti Booti National Park’s bike track is a great way to explore the area and move around its various the various Forster attractions.

Booti Booti National Park Picnic Areas

Walking, cycling and even long drives can wear your down. Why not stop for lunch in one of Booti Booti National Park’s many designated picnic areas? These include The Ruins, which is conveniently located near the park’s many attractions and some local cafes.

Enjoy your visit to one of the best national parks Australia has on offer by booking your accommodation at Discovery Parks - Forster today.

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