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Marshmallow Madness

27 Jun 2016

What is it about camping and marshmallows? Thanks mainly I think to America Holiday camp movies, the marsh mellow is a staple for any camping trip. Here at Discovery Parks we are fond of the S’more, although to create a true version you need Graham Crackers which are hard to find here, but the humble marshmallow has many uses on a camping trip – here are some favourites.

The Campfire Dessert Wrap

Take a tortilla, wrap or ice cream cone and spread with peanut butter or Nutella
Add marshmallows, chocolate chips and caramels or your choice of sweet lollies
Roll up burrito style and wrap with foil
Warm on a grill at the edge of the fire for 10 minutes (make sure the fire is not too hot)
Peel and eat

Baked Banana

Slice a whole banana down the middle with skin on
Stuff the gap created with marshmallows and chocolate chips
Wrap in foil and place in hot coals for 10-15 minutes
Open carefully and enjoy

Marshmallow Madness

Rolo Marshmallow

Push a chocolate Rolo (caramel chocolate from Nestle) in the center of your marshmallow and cook on a stick on the edge of the fire till soft and melty.

Campfire Hot Chocolate

Add a toasted marshmallow to your warm cup of Milo – yum!
For the adults among us…replace the Milo with Baileys – too delicious!