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Rediscover the Art of the Long Weekend

26 May 2016

Updated May 2022

What if every weekend could last for three or four days? What would you do?

Rediscover the long weekend banner

In Australia, the options are endless.

From hitting the road to pitching a tent, sipping your way through wineries, exploring parks or hitting the slopes, isn't it about time you rediscovered the art of the long weekend?

To help inspire your next family or solo getaway, check out this list of things to do with a few days up your sleeve!

Go Camping

Rediscover the long weekend

Discovery Parks - Eden on the Sapphire Coast is an amazing family escape. Credit: John Montesi

Whether it’s a glamping experience you’ve been waiting to try, a secluded spot on a beachfront site, or a classic location with family and friends, there are so many Discovery Holiday Parks to choose from when it comes to pitching the tent or parking the caravan!

All of them are close to Australia’s favourite attractions, from deserted beaches and iconic parks to epic mountains and glistening lakes - you’ll never be bored when you stay with us.

In addition, we’ve been famous for our in-park facilities for years. Think nature playgrounds, water splash parks, bicycle pump tracks and bouncing pillows for starters. The key to any camping trip is preparation, of course, so start planning your next camping escape now!

School Holidays are a great time to take the family away and get yourselves back to basics.

Take in a Festival
Rediscover the long weekend merimbula

The Merimbula Jazz Festival is on June 10-13, 2022

Australia is a multicultural nation, meaning we are blessed with all manner of fascinating festivals that happen at all times of the year.

From food, art, comedy and sport, there’s never a shortage of interesting events to attend - with something that is right for every member of the family.

It’s also important to remember that Australia’s weather means that festivals and events happen all year round. Getting out and about is not just a summer sport.

Hit the Slopes!
Rediscover the long weekend jindabyne

Discovery Parks - Jindabyne is Australia’s Winter Wonderland

In case you didn’t realise, Australia does snow!

While we might not reach the heights of France or Switzerland, you don’t need to spend two days in transit to experience the joys of a snow season.

Instead, get yourself to the Australian Alps or the Snowies (otherwise known as part of the Great Dividing Range) which traverse the states of New South Wales and Victoria and provide enough world-class skiing at resorts near Jindabyne, Mount Buffalo and Bright.

Take a Road TripRediscover the long weekend road trip

Everyone knows that a family road trip is an Australian rite of passage. Packing up the car and heading out on an adventure is what family memories are made of!

Make sure you do it right by planning your route - including multiple stops - and booking your accommodation early.

Luckily, Australia is blessed with a number of world-class roads to explore with an unlimited number of parks, hills, beaches and out-of-the-way towns to discover. From the Warlu Way in Western Australia, to the Sapphire Coast in NSW or the Great Ocean Road that everybody knows,

Sip Your Way through Wineries
 Rediscover the long weekend wineries

Maragaret River is one of Australia's premium food and wine regions.

Aside from all of Australia’s incredible natural features and world-class attractions, we are also blessed with wine - oh, yes A LOT of wine.

This generally means that on any trip to the country, you’re sure to be close to a winery - big or small - that’s producing an award-winning varietal you’ve never tried before.

With regions as famous as the Barossa Valley in South Australia, the Tamar Valley in Tasmania, Hunter Valley in NSW, and Margaret River in WA we really are spoiled for choice! And, much like the festivals they often host, visiting a winery is far from a summer sport

Hike through National Parks

Rediscover the long weekend national parks

Mount Field National Park inTasmania is one several postcard perfect moments in the Apple Isle.

It’s easy to forget how big Australia is, so correct us if we’re wrong, but per capita of population Australia has the most national parks anywhere in the world!

In fact, one of the best things about living here is that we’re never far from a national park. Big or small, each one has its own story to tell. Even better, with each passing season they continue to tell their own unique stories.

Home to lakes, gardens, forests and Australia’s incredible wildlife, each of us should be proud of how much space we dedicate to these living monuments to mother nature. It makes sense that we should spend as much time as possible in them.

Go Whale Watching
Rediscover the long weekend whale watching

Hervey Bay Whale Watch is close to Discovery Parks - Fraser Street, Hervey Bay

It probably comes as a surprise to most people, but Australia has one of the longest whale watching seasons in the world.

With that in mind, it might not be as surprising to consider that a whopping SIXTY percent of all whale species call our waters home, making Australia one of the best places in the world to spot these mammoths of the ocean.

Normally running from May to November along various coastlines of Australia - that’s when the whales migrate north from the Antarctic to give birth and frolic in warmer waters - whale watching is more than just a casual pastime - it’s a serious industry!

Plan your getaway around any of Australia’s premium whale watching spots, and don’t forget to dress appropriately!


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