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Things To Do In Western Australia This Easter

17 Mar 2016

Whether you’re a new resident to Western Australia or a native, it’s always nice to be involved in community activities on major holidays – and not to mention it takes the edge off of planning your own family events. Below is a comprehensive list of the top things to do in Western Australia this Easter, no matter your location.


Staircase to the Moon: 21st – 25th March 8 pm

The Staircase to the Moon is one of the best things you could hope to see at Easter time. Light from the full moon hits pools of water, creating the illusion of a staircase leading directly to the moon. Taking place over the week leading up to the event, this natural and stunning attraction is a fantastic experience for young minds. Take it a step further with the children’s book ‘Staircase to the Moon’ by Bronwyn Houston, and make it a truly magical experience. If you’re lucky enough to stay at the Discovery Parks - Port Hedland, you can enjoy the Staircase to the Moon from within the holiday park itself.

Easter Family Fun Day: 27th March 9am-1.30pm Newman Aquatic Centre

If you’re not planning anything fancy for Easter and you’re eager to enjoy a pool and some free entertainment for the kids, you’re in luck! The great people at the Newman Aquatic Centre are hosting the number one thing to do in Western Australia. Get free pool entry, an Easter egg hunt, egg painting, an obstacle course and even a free sausage sizzle. Whether or not this is just for the kids is up for debate.

Easter Egg Hunt Marble Bar: 27th March 10am-11am Marble Bar Aquatic Centre

Much like the Newman Aquatic Centre, Marble Bar are holding a similar event. Get down there for 10 am to see what is on offer. If anything, an hour of pool time is always welcome for hot days in the Pilbara.

Cemetery Beach Sea Turtle Hatchlings: December-April

This is another unconventional Easter event, however as there are eggs involved it can be passed off as a related (enough) Easter activity. Each year, sea turtles visit the shores of WA’s north to lay eggs, and between December and April there is a great downpour of hatchling turtles scurrying to get to the water. Kids and adults alike will be amazed at this flight-of-the-turtles event, which is both beautiful and educational. Stay at Discovery Parks - Port Hedland for close, convenient accommodation to the hatchlings.

WA Easter 2


Fremantle Street Arts Festival: 24th-28th March

Despite the fact that this Festival isn’t really Easter related, it falls at a convenient time: the long weekend. The Fremantle Street Arts Festival is Australia’s biggest street arts festival, packed with performers that offer comedy, death-defying stunts, theatre and more. When you stay at Discovery Parks - Woodman Point, Fremantle or Discovery Parks - Coogee Beach you can enjoy the quiet, serene environment, the beach and of course, an easy walk/drive to Fremantle to enjoy the festival.

Swan Valley:

The Annual Easter Hunt at The Maze: 25th-28th March

The Annual East Hunt happens in the best place possible for an egg hunt, The Maze in the Swan Valley. Who wants to wander around a park and find unsubtly hidden eggs, placed behind leaves and rocks? Not the people who go to The Maze each year for their East activities, that’s for sure. So if you like the idea of finding chocolate eggs while navigating your way through a maze, this is where you need to be over the Easter weekend. Stay close-by at the Discovery Parks - Perth Vineyards for an easy commute to the event and enjoy everything your accommodation provides you with over the long weekend.

Easter Egg-Stravaganza at Whiteman Park: 27th March

If finding eggs behind leaves and rocks is right up your alley, then the Easter Egg-Stravaganza at Whiteman Park is where you need to be this Easter. With tonnes of room to spread out and search, Whiteman Park is the perfect environment for a relaxing family picnic. Discovery Parks - Perth Vineyards is located close to Whiteman Park, giving you a head start on your day and a short drive home afterwards.

Easter High Tea at Sittella Winery Restaurant: 26th March 28th March

The Sittella Winery is a stunning backdrop for your Easter celebrations. The perfect grounds give you a view that will not disappoint, plus there’s a bit of fun for the kids. Enjoy an adult meal in a great restaurant while the littles run around and enjoy their egg hunt.