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School Holiday Activities In Perth

23 Sep 2015

Entertaining your kids isn’t always an easy job, and finding things to do to keep them occupied is often tricky. With the Perth school holidays approaching there are many affordable activities to keep your kids happy and active. With these helpful tips and suggestions you can relax and enjoy stress-free school holidays in the best possible way.

Affordable & Educational School Holiday Activities

Just because your kids aren’t at school doesn’t mean their brains should stop learning. Keep them on their toes with a trip to Scitech or the Western Australian Museum. The end of school holidays can be hard on children, so try to keep them routinely testing their brains for the best transition back into the classroom.

1. School holidays at Scitech

An affordable and fun idea for your school holiday program can include a trip to Scitech. This is an interactive science museum that is guaranteed to keep kids of all ages busy for hours. Purchase a mini pass that includes 2 adults and 2 children and gain access to planetariums, puppet and science theatres, exhibits and galleries. Scitech is an educational and great school holiday activity located right here in Perth. Packed lunch for this is a must!

Try Discovery Parks - Perth Vineyards for tranquil accommodation close to the city.

2. The WA Museum

School holidays can often leave your kids bored, restless and unhappy. A trip to the Museum will help keep their brains buzzing and their questions coming. The Western Australian Museum has a collection of cultural, social and natural exhibitions and events that you and your kids will be able to dive into and explore. The Discovery Centre also offers the chance to learn about WA’s people and environment. A simple gold coin donation covers admission costs and provides you with access to all the educational and learning exhibitions, displays and programs to occupy you and your kids these school holidays.

Free & Easy School Holiday Activities

Taking your kids to the royal show sure does help your money disappear. After the sugar and show bag novelty has worn off – give it 2 days post show – take the youngens back to nature at the iconic Kings Park, or the local beach.

3. Kings Park during Perth’s school holidays

An important part of school holidays is keeping kids happy and active. Exploring Perth’s most valuable natural asset, Kings Park is a good way to get kids out and about. Set up a rug under the shade of a big Eucalypt tree and relax, take a footy for a family game and visit the War Memorials and check out the beautiful scenic view of Perth city. For a lesson in the unique Australian flora, Kings Park offers various wildflowers, which are in bloom during the Perth school holidays – perfect timing. West of Kings Parks is a fun recreation area, Synergy Park, complete with island forts and large-scale stone replicas of extinct Australian mega fauna, the perfect location for a day out with your family. The best park about Synergy Park is that it is completely free and an excellent way to keep you kids happy, active and in amongst nature.

4. Give the beach a go these school holidays

Here in Western Australia, we are famous for our beautiful, pristine beaches, such as City Beach, Scarborough, and Cottesloe. Why not take full advantage of what’s on offer and spend the day at the beach! Spring can have it’s questionable weather, so if you get one or two decent days during the Perth school holidays, milk them. There are so many activities to do at the beach, such as sand castle building, surfing, swimming, picnicking, and collecting seashells. No doubt you and your kids will be entertained all day digging in the sand surrounded by a beautiful coastline view. Spending time with your family at the beach these school holidays ensures your child is enjoying the outside world though fun (and cheap) family activities. Be sure to remember sunscreen, cold water and a few snacks to fight off the sun and hunger throughout the day.

Stay close to the beach at the Discovery Parks - Coogee Beach!