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Halloween Accommodation Tips

7 Sep 2015

The sound of kids laughing and screaming as they run down your street, high on sugar and tangled in their costume as they get closer to your front door. Do you hide or greet them with sweet treats at the door?

Whether you’ve been behind the Frankenstein costume, or are the one throwing out the lollies, Halloween is a phenomenon that brings joy to many children around the world.

Ghostly face paint, stab wounds, skeletons, spiders, blood and gore are the foundation of this thrilling festivity as the crazy personas of costume characters come to life and the pandemonium takes over. It seems the more repulsive and sickening the look, the better, but anyone can get an old bed sheet and make some eerie noises to pull off a scary ghost.

The less gory and more fun for the little ones comes in the form of arts and crafts, themed games like pin the spider-on-the-web and the more traditional trick-or-treating. The good news is you won’t feel guilty for devouring a bit of sugar on a day like today but for the health conscious, the black cat lollies and sugary treats can be replaced with lychee and blueberry eyeballs and pumpkin tops.

For the older ones, creativity can be unleashed with pumpkin carving and when the sun sets ghost stories and spooks come out to play. Picture this fun taking place in a holiday park with other children and families. Your own little ‘spookville’ can ignite so much imagination for dress ups, food creations, scavenger hunts and colouring in competitions. Tent shadows and pumpkins lit like they will eat you are just the beginning.

No matter if it’s your own kids, your grand-kids, or your neighbours kids, Halloween will help rekindle your own childhood memories and put a smile (or a zipper) on the kids face. Make this year a spooktacular one at one of our holiday parks.

Halloween Tip: Have a week off cleaning – the spiders need a place to hang.