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Hiking in Cradle Mountain, Tasmania Australia

3 Aug 2015

Cradle Mountain is one of the most popular destinations for hikers in Tasmania. Located in the Cradle Mountain – Lake St. Claire National Park, this beautiful wilderness area is one of the most incredible places to experience on earth.

Hikers will be fascinated by the hanging landscapes of this area. Rugged mountain terrain is engulfed with ancient forests. Magnificent pines and beech trees fill the area and surround the glacial lake. The pure air is oxygen-rich and fills your lungs with a crisp-cool feeling.

The woods are teeming with life. Animals found nowhere else on the planet can be found scurrying near the trails, and many of the larger species can be seen grazing in the open spaces. Cradle Mountain home to many species of flora and fauna.

Cradle Mountain Overland Track

The Cradle Mountain Overland Track is something every hiker must experience in their lifetime. This six day walking tour takes you through the heart of the Tasmanian Wilderness Heritage Area and allows you to experience first-hand the true beauty and wonder of the area.

Hikers of every level of experience can enjoy hiking here. Guided tours are offered for different fitness and comfort levels. Hikers can hike through the area and camp at night in their own tents, or opt for a tour that uses huts for accommodations along the way. For those who want the true wilderness experience, self-guided maps are available.

Hiking in Cradle Mountain is allowed throughout the year. For those who love winter, you can hike through the mountain with the help of snow shoes. All hikers are encouraged to try hiking in Cradle Mountain at different times of the year so that you get a full experience.

Arriving At Cradle Mountain

Access to Cradle Mountain is quite simple. From the Australian mainland, simply sail with Spirit of Tasmania from Melbourne to Devonport, Tasmania. The ships are equipped with all of the luxuries imaginable, making your trip to Tasmania a comfortable one. Upon your arrival, you can take a coach straight to Cradle Mountain.

If you love hiking, Cradle Mountain is your ultimate destination. Nowhere on earth will you experience nature in the same way as you will at Cradle Mountain.


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