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3 Reasons to Self-Guide With Fraser Island 4WD Hire

16 Jul 2015

Exploring Fraser Island on your Queensland trip is a big task. With so much to do and see, it is unlikely you’ll be able to cram everything you want to do into one short stay.

A guided tour can be helpful if you want someone else telling you all the highlights, but maybe you aren’t interested in Central Station and would rather chill on 75 Mile Beach. Maybe you’d prefer seeing Maheno Shipwreck than lazing about at Eli Creek.

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Here are some reasons why you should consider a self-guided Fraser Island 4WD tour:

1. Fraser Island 4WD hire is easy

The 4WD hire Fraser Island offers is easy to find, with a number of companies offering this service in the Queensland area. They will also give you some great tips and suggestions for your Fraser Island 4WD tour. Fraser Island 4WD driving is a breeze with plenty of on and off road attractions to be seen. Relax on the banks of Lake McKenzie, or stand in awe of the Cathedrals, steep cliffs with an odd yellow tinge to them. All of this can be made possible on a 4WD Fraser Island adventure!

2. Fraser Island 4WD hire is flexible

You’re probably only going to be in the area for a short amount of time on your Queensland trip, especially compared to the multitude of things to see and do. Fraser Island 4WD tours are a great way to pick and choose the attractions you personally want to see. If you’re a little unsure, guided self-drive Fraser Island 4WD tours are also available, so you can feel safe when travelling around the area.

3. Fraser Island 4WD hire is convenient

The 4WD tours Fraser Island offers have a number of advantages over guided tours. You can take your trip in your own time, going to attractions as fast or slow as you want. This means you can start later or earlier in the day, whenever is easiest for you! You also won’t need to deal with other pesky tourists who ask too many questions and hold the group up. A Fraser Island 4WD tour lets you enjoy the area on your terms!

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