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3 Important Reasons To Visit Caversham Wildlife Park

16 Jul 2015

A family holiday in the Swan Valley can quickly become packed with wine-ing and dining, and maybe the odd microbrewery check-in too. For kids, this can be a test in patience and imagination as they attempt to occupy themselves in an environment of adult conversation. But there is a way to avoid a possible meltdown, and it’s in the hands of the Caversham Wildlife Park.

Discovery Parks - Perth Vineyards opens up the world of fun that is Caversham Wildlife Park by giving you easy access to the area!

Hands on fun at Caversham Wildlife Park

Who can resist petting koalas and wombats? Or feeding the ponies, bunnies, calves and birds? No one can, that’s a fact. This is guaranteed to put a smile on your little one’s face, and will easily be the highlight of their holiday.

Caversham Wildlife Park’s Concealed Learning

Not only is there the obvious benefit of teaching your child about Australian wildlife (for future school assignments), but they will also learn compassion and respect. Animals have a level of vulnerability around humans, which kids pick up on, so by entrusting your child with the task of feeding or holding an animal, you will help them to explore their feelings about how the animal deserves to be treated. The animal specialists at the Caversham Wildlife Park are dedicated to showing kids how to care for the animals, what they are fed and their importance to the environment.

Your Kid’s Memories

This is a no-brainer. Your kids will remember their holiday to the Caversham Wildlife Park, much like you remember visits to zoos and wildlife parks as a child. These experiences are what help to shape your child, giving them fuel for thought and maybe even embedding a future job in their mind. The Caversham Wildlife Park will exhaust your kids with new experiences, cuddles with the animals, and possibly even help them overcome a fear they may have.

Caversham Wildlife Park offers animal feedings and meetings, and conversations about the wildlife with kids throughout the day. The wildlife park is one of the great attractions located at Whiteman Park in the Swan Valley.

By booking your accommodation at Discovery Parks - Perth Vineyards, you will be in the perfect location to for both the Caversham Wildlife Park and all the wineries and breweries that the Swan Valley has to offer.

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