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Your Melbourne Itinerary

15 May 2015

A weekend getaway in Victoria could be just the thing you need to bring the sense of wonderment back to your life. There are so many things do in Melbourne; it’s hard to narrow it down to just a handful of things, so if you only have 24 hours at your Melbourne accommodation, this is where you need to visit in Melbourne:

Mornings in Melbourne

It’s 9am at Flinders Street Station, pick up an mX Magazine to flick through during the day, and head over the road to Degraves Espresso Bar, down none other than Degraves Street, to kick start your day of visiting Melbourne with one of its most raved about coffees. Switch your navigation app off and let the sights, sounds and smells of Melbourne lead you through the maze of alleys. Bypass the main streets of Melbourne and follow the winding alleys that discreetly conceal shopping treasures and food fantasies. There is no wrong turn you can make, and even if you do end up travelling down the same lane twice, chances are you will see something there that you didn’t before.

Afternoons in Melbourne

After lunch, find your way to the Melbourne Cricket Ground for a tour of the great sports stadium. A big part of Melbourne culture is sport, so when visiting Melbourne, make time for this (or even all) of the sporting arenas. Trying to convince your lady friend to join you for a tour of the MCG is made easier with the promise of romantic skyline views and a sneak peak into the coveted Melbourne Cricket Club’s Reserved area, a must-do thing in Melbourne. Each tour is lead by a gentleman of the MCG, sporting a classic pinstripe blazer, who will fill you in on the history of the grounds, and maybe a few secrets if you’re lucky. If you’re visiting Melbourne during the right season, be sure to make most of the cricket or footy game that is being played, and camouflage yourself as a die-hard sports fan for a genuine experience. Another key afternoon attraction is the Melbourne Aquarium, which is great fun for everyone!

Evenings in Melbourne

Hop onto the train and hop off at Flinders Street Station. Find your way to Hardware Lane (just off Bourke St) and haggle with restaurateurs for a meal to commemorate your visit to Melbourne. But don’t accept the first proposal you get, though it may be tempting, because you’ll feel cheated if you don’t see what everyone’s selling. If it’s all too much, walk down into Charlie’s Bar for velvet seats and candle-lit conversation over re-energising drinks, AKA cocktails. Even if you’re not keen on dinner out in Melbourne, this bar is a good stop before heading home, after a busy day of seeing all the attractions of Melbourne. Public transport runs late in the city, so make note of the last tram, bus and train, or hold onto your taxi drivers business card so that you arrive back at your accommodation in one piece.

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