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What's Your Swan Valley Poison?

15 May 2015

It’s inevitable that you will end up eating and drinking far too much when you holiday in the Swan Valley. There are Swan Valley wine tours, self-paced driving tours, loads of heritage-listed buildings to feast your eyes upon and many, many places to eat and drink. The Swan Valley has everything you can imagine in the way of dining.

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Listed below are some of the top places in the Swan Valley to check out, depending on your poison of choice.


The Swan Valley is a haven for wineries, due to the fertile soil that’s uncommon anywhere else in Perth. Here are some of the great wineries the Swan Valley has to offer.

  1. Entopia Wines – Meet your new friends from the Swan Valley; Brian and Heather. These owners are thrilled to see new faces and welcome all.
  2. Olive Farm Wines – This Swan Valley winery also dabbles in cheeses and light snacks, what more do you need for a wonderful afternoon?
  3. Carilley Estate – Let the kids run wild on the grass and climb all over the kid’s jungle equipment while you sip on some of these fine Swan Valley wines.


With only a small handful of distilleries in Perth, it’s fortunate that two are tucked away in the Swan Valley, giving you the option to explore a different element while enjoying your accommodation in the wine-focused region.

  1. The Northern Distillery – Canefire isn’t just a name for the rum, this stuff is a bombshell of flavour.
  2. Wild Swan Distilling Company – This is the place to come for some real vodka and life-changing gin.


Swan Valley breweries are in a league of their own. Each brewery is unique and offers a wide range of beers for critiquing. Pick a specific type of beer to taste test against other breweries, or maybe just stick to one Swan Valley brewery and try them all.

  1. Homestead Brewery – Check out the impressive German manufactured Schuls brewing equipment. A brewing system to envy.
  2. Feral Brewing Company – Try a beer tasting plate for all the fine, kooky flavours.
  3. Mash Brewing Co. – Heaps of food choices and a great mix of beers, not to mention it’s an award-winning brewery.
  4. Elmar’s In The Valley – Take the beer tasting party outside for a really relaxing experience.


In amongst all the Swan Valley wineries, breweries and distilleries, there should probably be mention of food. Dotted along the Swan Valley roads are growers selling their fresh produce, which varies each season. Below are some restaurants to try out.

  1. Oggies Ice Cream Cage – 60 flavours and English lollies are everything you need in one great spot!
  2. Swan Valley Vegetarian Café and Garden Centre – Peaceful and quiet at this little café, with a lot of food options.
  3. Sittella Winery & Restaurant – A stunning view to match your delicious meal.
  4. RiverBank Estate – Experienced staff are great at pairing the wines and meals.

The real connoisseur will attempt all of these, hopefully over a number of days to prevent consumption overload. Try a mix of the above in one day to get a real sense of the area. Begin your food and drink adventure by booking your accommodation with Discovery Parks - Perth Vineyards for the best access to the Swan Valley Wine Region.

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