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Twofold Bay - The Gateway To Eden

15 May 2015

Like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, you too can also have a romantic retreat in Eden, NSW. The area holds a great deal of significance for the Aboriginal people; there are countless Aboriginal stories about the mountains, waters and animals of Eden, giving it spiritual richness and intrigue.

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Much like the Eden from religious readings, this place has an abundance of beauty, temptations to cloud your judgement and wild beasts that will scare and excite you.

The Garden of Eden:

Mt Imlay National Park is south west of Eden, and one of many gorgeous parks you should choose to visit. This Twofold Bay park has great spiritual significance to the Aboriginal people, and is largely undisturbed by man, making it a haven for wildlife. Take the 3km-hiking track through the eucalypt forests of Eden and woodlands to the peak of the mountain, where you will have uninterrupted views that go as far as the Victorian border.

Eden’s Wild Beasts:

Eden is home to famous Killer Whales who are legends to the locals. With a trail, festival and museum dedicated to these incredible beasts, you have no excuse not to learn about their unbelievable history. There’s also popular spots for whale watching in Eden and Twofold Bay, which takes place between September and November. The Ben Boyd National Park has the best vantage point for the Humpback whale’s southern migration to Antarctica, and is also home to a gorgeous light house with it’s own sad history. While you’re there, check out the Green Cape Lighthouse!

The Eden Temptations:

Get ready to eat fresh, plump Oysters. There are very few places in Eden and Twofold Bay that don’t serve oysters; in fact there are places devoted purely to serving oysters fresh from Pambula Lake in Eden. Sample these little gems at Broadwater Oysters Boatshed after watching the farmers shucking their produce. For a seriously fresh oyster experience, you can book an Oyster Tour, where you will learn about oyster farming and its history and of course taste test the produce.

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