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Top Things To See At The Melbourne Aquarium If...

15 May 2015

Staying in Discovery Parks - Melbourne for a few days and looking for things to do? Want to learn about Australia’s sea creatures without meeting them in the ocean? Then the Melbourne Aquarium is that place to head to. For an idea of what you should be looking at specifically, check out the below suggestions for the romantic, the educating parent and the fun seeker. The Melbourne Aquarium has it all.

You’re a hopeless romantic:

The Melbourne Aquarium has great attractions that will resonate with you if you are in love. Whether you’re on your first date or you’ve been married for 20 years on a romantic getaway, this is an unexpected date that will bring you closer together. Here are two attractions to help emphasise your love for one another:

The Seahorse Pier: Imagine if your husband took the role of carrying your baby for those long nine months. Sounds great, right? But unlikely to happen – unless you’re a seahorse. The Seahorse Pier at the Melbourne Aquarium will introduce you to the ‘Big-Belly’ seahorse and sea dragons. These impressive creatures have reversed the parenting roles, so the male take on the eggs produced by the female. The male sea dragon keeps a close watch over his eggs for two months until they hatch, carrying them around in his pouch. It’s perfectly romantic, especially if you are lucky enough to see the seahorses dancing together.

The Mangroves and Rockpools: The Giant Cuttlefish is yet another example of romance underwater at the Melbourne Aquarium. The male cuttlefish will challenge each other for the right to mate with the female, lashing out and changing colours to scare. The successor then protects his mate from other males while she lays their eggs safely. It’s an impressive display of chivalry.

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You’re trying to teach your kids:

It’s incredibly hard to keep the kids interested in history, current news and everything in between. So make it easier for yourself with a trip to the Melbourne Aquarium. It’s a fantastic learning experience in itself, and a great segue into other topics that you can discuss with your children.

Penguin Playground: King Penguins are stunning, monogamous creatures with sweet habits like weighing their baby to make sure they are growing properly, adopting lost chicks and sharing the workload of caring for their young baby. Though these penguins are located in north Antarctica, and similarly cold climates, your kids will be thrilled to know that there are penguins located in Australia too, and not just at the Melbourne Aquarium.

The Ocean Discovery: Take the kids over to this awesome attraction at the Melbourne Aquarium where they will be able to see Blacktip Reef Shark and Loggerhead turtle. The kids will be surprised to learn that although sharks are dangerous, not all of them are hungry for humans. In fact the Melbourne Aquarium has another type of shark in their tanks that will eat shellfish over people any day. Loggerhead turtles are impressive creatures that date back to prehistoric times.

You’re looking for some fun:

Show yourself a good time at the Melbourne Aquarium with sharks and nemo, bright jellyfish and some incredible coral caves.

The Mermaid Garden: Scare yourself with a visit to the Mermaid Garden, where Grey Nurse Sharks and stingrays hang out at the Melbourne Aquarium. The Grey Nurse’s teeth are enough to put you on edge, however it’s slightly less intimidating to know that, these mammals aren’t interested in eating humans unless they are provoked.

Coral Caves: Moon Jellies provide a great show for all ages at the Melbourne Aquarium. These clear blobs will mesmerise you as they float through the water effortlessly. The jellies have electric-like gonads and an array of spots and lines across their bodies that illuminate. What more could you want from your day than this?

To gain access to this impressive display of marine life, book your stay at Discovery Parks - Melbourne today!

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