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Amazing experiences across the Nullarbor Plain

15 May 2015

Ask some seasoned roadtrippers and they'll tell you that crossing the Nullarbor Plain is one of the greatest road journeys of all time. And we agree! Call it a rite of passage or a once-in-a-lifetime experience, driving across the Nullarbor Plain may not seem appealing at first but look a little harder and you'll discover the spirit and nuances of place guaranteed to change your mind.

In spite of a name meaning 'no trees' in Latin, the Nullarbor has plenty of things to see and do on this 1000km stretch from Norseman, Western Australia and to Ceduna, South Australia. Here are just some of the highlights along the way.

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Discoveryparks camping nullabor outback stars saStargazing in the outback is a magical experience. Credit: Greg Snell

Stop anywhere along the Nullarbor during the course of the night (or be wild and stay the night at a camping site along Eyre Highway) to look up at the stars. Stargazing in the outback is a completely different experience.

Nullarbor Links

Discoveryparks nullarbor links golf saCredit: Carly Kruger

The World’s Longest Golf Course is a unique 18-hole par 72 gof course situated along 1365km of the Eyre Highway, with a hole in each participating town or roadhouse along the Eyre Highway from Kalgoorlie in WA to Ceduna in SA. 

Nullarbor National Park

Discoveryparks bunda cliffs nullarbor eyrepeninsula saCredit: Chloe Todd

  • Whale Watching off the Bunda Cliffs in Eucla from June to October
  • Murrawijinie Cave – ask the Nullarbor Roadhouse staff for the exact location.

Nullarbor camels

Discoveryparks eyre highway saCredit: South Australian Tourism Commission

Not quite an Aussie animal icon but it's not uncommon to see wild camels travelling across the Nullarbor (or many other outback locations). Camels in Australia were imported from British India and Afghanistan during the 19th Century to be used as transport of goods and supplies across our vast Australian deserts. They are most commonly seen walking along the road in summer months, so keep your camera handy for a snap because they move quickly.

The Eucla Whale

This famous giant whale is the town’s mascot, and welcomes you to Eucla. There’s also a signpost telling you how many kilometres you are from every city in Australia.

Eucla Telegraph Station ruins & Jetty

Early evening is the best time for photos of this historical site as the dramatic light bathes everything in gold. A nice change to the harsh bitumen and boring bushes of the Nullarbor Plain.


Discoveryparks great australian bight nullarbor eyre peninsula saCredit: Claire Charlton

The Head of the Bight is a great location for whale-watching June to October, and one of the best things to stop and see when driving along the Nullarbor.

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