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Swan Valley Wine Tour With A Twist

15 May 2015

Australia is known for its wide variety of wineries. Booking a wine tour for the Swan Valley is a must if you want to do it properly. Of course you can plan it with friends and designate one person to drive instead of drink, but then they miss out on the fun.

To make your Swan Valley wine tour more memorable and different to the rest, book a Swan Valley river cruise, where you will swap from a river cruise to a winery cruise. This gives you a change of scene, and more importantly, a great view of the Swan Valley down Perth’s Swan River from the comfort of a cruise boat and a mouth-watering variety that you will love. Discovery Parks - Perth Vineyards puts you in a great location to enjoy your wine tour.

Why Tour the Swan Valley

Why choose to do a wine tour of the Swan Valley over anywhere else? To start with, the Swan Valley has gorgeous scenery; green fields coat the countryside, while rivers and brooks wind their way around the wineries. Each winery has taken on it’s own style; French country rustic, modern and classic to name a few.

Another reason to choose the Swan Valley is that it’s one of very few wine regions that is able to produce a diverse range of wines, from Chenin Blanc to Shiraz, and produce it well. The Swan Valley has maintained high quality, award winning wines year in and out.

To make the Swan Valley wine region more amazing, it’s only a 45-minute drive from Perth City, which is extremely rare for a wine region. Most are set out a few hundred kilometres, at least, from the nearest city. So you can enjoy a day in the city and an evening in the wine region, without needing to travel for hours to make the distance.

The Wine in Swan Valley

The types of soils in the Swan Valley wine region have a great impact on the type of grape produced and the flavour transaction from vine to glass. Here are a few examples of some fantastic wine produced by this fruitful area:

Best in the area:

  • Mandoon Estate Old Vine Shiraz 2012
  • John Kosovich Rare Muscat NV
  • Garbin Estate Wines Verdelho 2014
  • Talijancich Wines, all of them

Swan Valley River Cruise Companies

Keen to get on a boat and start sailing down the Swan River to the best wineries in WA? Here’s are three companies that will take you there nearby to your Swan Valley accommodation:

  1. Captain Cook Cruises
  2. Swan Valley Tours
  3. Out and About Wine Tours

Discovery Parks - Perth Vineyards gives you access to the twists and turns of the Swan Valley and all the things to do there. Book your stay today!

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