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Lest We Forget: The Albury Anzac Legend

15 May 2015

Learn a little bit more about Australian history in Albury, a small city on the Victorian and New South Wales Border when you reach the memorial of Albury’s ANZAC Legend. This remote location is entwined with the Murray River and Lake Hume, a perfect setting for remembering one of Australia’s Victoria Cross recipients.

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You can find all the history you’ll need at the memorial for Lt Albert Borella, a man who voluntarily enlisted to fight in World War One. Lt Borella is an ANZAC Legend in Albury and Australia. For the full story about what made him worthy of his own personal statue, you will need to visit the place where he lived and died; Albury.

Who was Lt Borella?

Lieutenant Albert Borella did many things in his life; he walked 140km across Australia to enlist for World War One, he was one of the first 15 men to enlist in the Northern Territory and fought relentlessly to protect his men and country. But that’s only a small understanding of what makes this man so memorable. Lt Borella was one of few men in Australia to be awarded the Victoria Cross.

How did he get the Victoria Cross?

On the night of July 17 in 1918, Lt Borella led his unit with the first wave into the town of Villers-Bretonneux, France, which was overrun with German soldiers. After spotting an enemy machine gun shooting through the Australian soldiers, this ANZAC Legend ran ahead of his men, killing the gunners with a nothing more than a revolver. He then captured the gun and led his men, now only a group of ten, into the strongly held trench. Lt Albert Borella used only his revolver and rifle to cut down the Germans who threatened his life, creating many enemy casualties. During the course of the night, Lt Borella and his men were counter attacked twice by the enemy, who outnumbered them ten to one, but both times the Australian was successful in holding ground despite all they had lost.

The Memorial in Albury

Lt Borella was awarded the Victoria Cross Award, the highest military decoration available, and it’s only part of what made this man a hero. This is only a brief history lesson, you’ll need to check in at the Information Centre, or even ask the town locals for more information on the ANZAC Legend, Lieutenant Albert Borella.

Albury holds Lieutenant Albert Borella’s Memorial, along with the memorial of 100 other men who received Victoria Crosses, making it a must see for anyone who loves this land.

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