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How To Visit Penguin Island Like A Pro

15 May 2015

If you thought that penguins were limited to Antarctica and other icy places, you are happily mistaken. Penguin Island is located south of Perth, and is home to the little penguin, the smallest penguin in the species. Not only is Penguin Island home to penguins, but also boasts sea lions, pelicans, dolphins, and over 50 species of birds, showcasing the best of Australian wildlife.

Between September and June you can enjoy Penguin Island’s beautiful beaches and warm water, alongside fluffy little penguins and rockpools teaming with tiny crabs and fish.

Best of all, it’s right near Discovery Parks - Woodman Point, Fremantle. Book today to make the most of your WA holiday.

Here is a concise list of the best things to do for the family, the couple and the adventurer on Penguin Island before you settle down at your holiday accommodation.

A Family trip to Penguin Island

Pack a few lunches at your Fremantle accommodation and lots of water when you plan to head over to Penguin Island for the day. Take the Penguin Island ferry from Fremantle over for a safe, fast solution to crossing the water from the mainland to the island. The penguins are all over the island, but spend a lot of their time nesting in the bushes and under the boardwalks, so keep an eye out for them.

3 Things to do with kids on Penguin Island:

  1. Penguin Feedings: Make time to see one of the three penguin feeding sessions at the Discovery Centre on Penguin Island for an informal learning experience, and a chance to see the animals out and about.
  2. Dolphin, Penguin and Sea Lion Adventure Cruise: this cruise will take you around seal island where you’ll get a good look at the dolphins as they swim and sea lions while they sunbake.
  3. Front Beach: Snorkelling and swimming along this strip is a must. The water is pristine and filled with fish that will entertain the kids for hours.

A Couple Retreat to Penguin Island

The back beach is where you’ll want to head to enjoy a quiet moment together. Along the way there, keep an eye out for Penguin Island’s famous little critters under the boardwalk and in the bushes.

3 Things to do on Penguin Island:

  1. Once you’re on the back beaches of Penguin Island, scout out the tiny fish and crabs that live in the rock craters along the beach. Relax here for some sun and a little bit of swimming before your next activity.
  2. Book a Sea Kayak Tour or a kite boarding lesson and inject some fun into your day.
  3. Once you’ve finished learning to kite board or meeting the sea lions and dolphins, sit down at Pengos café on the mainland for some lunch and enjoy the view of the island.

The Adventurer’s Exploration of Penguin Island

Hit the ground running with a quick kayak over to the island from Fremantle, skipping the Penguin Island ferry.

Tick these 3 things off your bucket list:

  1. Fishing is fantastic off the back beach, as the waters are full of sizeable Tailor. The reef on the back beach of Penguin Island is a great spot for fishing Samson fish, Pink Snapper and Yellowtail King fish too.
  2. Kayaking, kite surfing and canoeing are great activities for this area. Take your own craft, or hire one on the day and get to know the waters.
  3. Snorkelling in this area is like a sport. With a reef off the back beach and hard to get to places all around the island, you will be at a loss of words for what you see once you get into the water.

Waddle over to Discovery Parks - Woodman Point, Fremantle and gain access to all the wonders in the area. You may also be interested in some of the attractions Fremantle has to offer, including the Fremantle Prison.

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