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Guide To Fishing on Echuca's Murray

15 May 2015

Echuca means ‘meeting of the water’, so be sure to pack your fishing gear when you head to this fisherman’s haven. Read this quick guide to fishing in Echuca, including what bait to take, where the best spots are as well as tours available for those who want to be taken out by the pros.

Echuca Murray River Tours and Cruises:

If tackling the fishing world of Echuca on the Murray River is too much to handle on top of your other activities, go for a tour over trudging through the bush alone. The River Explorer is a company that provides guided boat tours and private charters along the Murray River. They’ll take you as soon the sun is up, keeping within 100kms from Echuca along the Murray, or they can arrange to take you along Edward River in Deniliquin if you prefer.

Echuca’s Best Fishing Spots:

The Murray River at Echuca has many locations to throw in a line, and it turns out there is no one place to settle in for a big fishing day. Upstream, heading northeast, the Murray River races and narrows, where the fish wait for food to come to their homes near rocks. Downstream, heading towards Torrumbarry, the river widens and deepens, so cast deep, where fish are likely to be hiding. Below are a few quick tips for finding a good spot to fish.

Quick tips:

  • Find a place where deep water meets shallow. Fish don’t like to travel far from the comfort of deep water for long to feed, so cast a line in the shallow near deep water and wait for the tug.
  • Sunrise and sunset are when fish like to eat, so work out which of the two is a better suit to you.
  • If you’ve been in the same spot for 30 minutes without a bite, try another spot.
  • If you want to test the water to see if there’s fish, throw a few bits of bread out to see if there are nibbles or movement.

Fish in the Murray River:

The Murray River at Echuca is brimming with different types of fish like Murray Cod, Yellowbelly, Silver Perch, and less common to the area are Redfin.

Echuca Bait:

Take a hand shovel along and dig the dirt close to the water. If you get some worms, use these close to where you found it; it’s more likely that you’ll pull in a fish. Maggots are also a popular one to use in this region, as well as any insects you manage to get hold of.

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