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Fishing In Western Australia's Pilbara

15 May 2015

Who needs to buy a fish for lunch or dinner when you can catch a fish, or several, off the beach in the Pilbara? With this quick fishing guide to the Pilbara, you can be reeling in some big catches for yourself at your Pilbara accommodation.

Fishing Spots in the Pilbara

It seems that just about everywhere in the Pilbara is a hotspot for bluebone fish, barramundi, whiting, crabs (good for catching the bluebone) and squid. It’s a fantastic location, likened to an aquarium and is one of WA’s best fishing locations. Notable locations include the Dampier boat ramp, Point Samson, Cossack and Cowrie Cove off Village Rd. Check the tides to make sure you won’t be swept off the rocks and pack a good pair of reef shoes.

Book at Discovery Parks - Karratha and jump start your fishing trip.

Tips for Pilbara Fishing

  • Cheesecloth is great to keep your mulies from falling apart when you re-cast for the third time. You can buy ‘ghost cotton’, but it seems to be more expensive for the same thing.
  • Polaroid sunnies cut through the reflection off the water and are the ticket for spotting pods, holes and gutters.
  • Holes and gutters are where you want your line to land. Fish hang out here for shelter.
  • The best time for fishing is dawn and dusk.

Fishing Charters in the Pilbara

Spending a day trying to get to all the nooks and crannies around the Pilbara may be too hard if you’re limited on time. Booking a fishing charter is a fast way to ensure you get from A to B and catch all the fish in between.

Take a trip out with Pilbara Sea Charters within the Samson area, leaving from Port Hedland, travelling to Point Samson. Aqualand Charters is another company, working out of Dampier, and will be fast to show you how to have a good time.

Book your stay, bring your dog (call to confirm before booking), and join us at Discovery Parks - Karratha for access to all of the fishing services and other attractions the area has to offer.

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