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Dampier Archipelago: Island Treasures

15 May 2015

Staying at a popular holiday location on the west coast of Australia is bound to have some drawbacks; over-crowding, expensive, limited and disappointing accommodation. On the other hand, it’s somewhere you’ve been to a thousand times, so it’s a safe and comfortable choice. But what if you could enjoy another place in Western Australia?

North of Perth is the amazing Karratha, where you can find the Dampier Archipelago. This feast of 42 islands is set in crystal waters and holds a good chunk of the west coast of Australia’s history, such as the Burrup Peninsula Rock Art; Aboriginal art work that pre-dates the foundation of WA.

Why Karratha?

There are many reasons to visit this relaxed location, like a quiet beach setting drenched in history with a few hidden secrets. But to make it a bit easier, here’s a list of the top six reasons to scrap your regular holiday plans and try out a new place in Western Australia.

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6 Reasons to Visit Dampier Archipelago:

  1. Delambre, Legendre, Kendrew, Rosemary and Enderby islands have the best beaches for snorkeling – with reefs and stromatolites that date back billions of years.
  2. From July to September you can see pods of whales in the waters around the Dampier Archipelago islets.
  3. Turtles use Cemetery Beach for nesting from October and February, burying their eggs deep into the sand. Hatchlings emerge from December to April, flocking to the water. What other places in Western Australia offers this kind of opportunity?
  4. Check out Sam’s Island where a hand-made castle was constructed by a local legend.
  5. Fishing is rife at the Dampier Archipelago islands; even the fish know this is where to be. Squid and mullet are said to be the best bait to land Coral Trout, Estuary Cod and Spangled Emperor.
  6. Hearson’s Cove is the best location to see the Staircase to the Moon light up in front of you. It takes place between May and October and is a must for a romantic, free night out.

How can you get to Dampier Archipelago?

You can fly (or drive) to Karratha to enjoy the Dampier Archipelago. For a list of stops along the way to Karratha when driving from Perth, check this page.

So now that you’re thinking about your next holiday, you can make a real, educated decision. Choose a destination that’s private and romantic. Choose Karratha.

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