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5 Tips For Paintball Beginners

15 May 2015

Inject some adventure into your visit to Echuca with a courageous paintball session. Echuca’s paintball field is diverse with strategic, objective based matches and quick, rapid sessions. For beginners to the Echuca paintball arena, be sure to read the tips.

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When you are talking about something serious like a ball of paint travelling towards your at 90 metres per second, it’s hard not to be a little bit terrified, so glean as much as you can before your date with paint at Echuca’s paintball spot.

Why Paintball in Echuca

The beauty of paintballing in Echuca is that you have loads of space really get into action. Plus, it’s such a serene area that has stunning river cruises and wineries that sometimes you want to invite a bit of chaos to change it up. Check out what offers are on for the Echuca paintball scene when you visit Echuca next.

The Tips

For those who have never had a paintball experience before, or maybe if you have but didn’t seem to enjoy it so much or you didn’t have your best war face on the first time around, this is also for you. Here are 5 top tips for beginner paintballers in Echuca:

  1. Scope out the competition: Check to see if the other members of your Echuca paintball group have their own gear or are speaking in semi-army lingo. If they are, two things may happen: you are put on the same team and all is ok, or you’re going to need to get your war paint out.
  2. Convince someone to cover you if you’re planning on running to a new spot: This is extremely helpful for both people involved. The runner lures out the opposition and the cover-buddy protects the runner by shooting paintballs at them. Win-win paintball moment.
  3. Shake hands: Paintball can be a serious sport, so keep it civil by nodding respectfully to the person who hit you. It’s a little bit of “That was a nice shot” and a little bit “I know it was you, so get ready for the next round”. Sport is much better when you have a set goal.
  4. Conserve those paintballs: 200 pellets may sound like a lot, but over the course of 2 to 3 hours, they run out quickly and they are an additional cost to replace them. Be sure to aim before you shoot, and actually look at what you’re about to shoot. Not only do you want to make sure you use your pellets well by hitting the target, but you don’t want to hit someone who’s actually on your team. Or not in the game (like the referee, fun as that might be).
  5. Keep moving: Moving around on the field may be hard with a heavy gun, facemask and a camouflage onesie on, but it’s definitely a must. While you’re looking at the ‘enemy’ in the shack across the field, his mates are on the wings, coming toward you. Fire a few shots, and then move on.

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