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Competition Winner - Lisa

6 May 2014


Lisa Hosking recently won a $500 Discovery Parks Voucher at the SA Caravan and Camping Show.

We asked Lisa a few questions about how she intends to use the voucher.


"Hi Lisa, Who do you usually travel with?

 My daughter

Have you ever stayed at a Discovery Park before?

Yes, at Clare, I loved the trees and the open feeling to the park.

Congratulations on winning the $500 Voucher - Where do you think you will use it?

We are going on a long trip up the East Coast beginning in May and hope to use it along the way, beginning  in Barmera.

Great! Will you be staying in cabin accommodation or taking your van/tent?

We will be taking our Caravan.

That sounds like an amazing trip, what is your dream holiday destination?

This has been my dream holiday for some time; so it would have to be taking the van around Australia.

Thanks for chatting Lisa - Congratulations again and enjoy your holiday!



Plenty of people like Lisa are heading off on a van tour at this time of year. What is your dream holiday destination?



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